Friday, May 27, 2011

Unusual....but Lovely House Guest

On Monday evening we had a HUGE storm. This is what I found
in my mothers yard......displaced from her mommy and
twin sibling. Too feeble to keep up, her mommy left her tucked
hidden in the wet grass. Cold alone.....and quite surely to perish with
out warmth from her mommy. When I called Wildlife, an organization
here in town to help those with wildlife questions know what to
do, they instructed me to watch and see if the mommy came back
by the time it was dark. If not, wrap the sweet fawn in a blanket and
bring her inside. I am no Ellie May, sure I love animals.....but caring for
a born fawn????? Surely.....mommy will come back for her.
SURELY never happened. It was 10:00p.m. and long after dark.

So as per our instructions.....I made this the happiest boy
on the face of the planet. Lincoln wrapped the tiny fawn in a
warm fuzzy blanket......brought her home......and now we
had the most unusual and lovely house guest ever! She wasn't
much bigger than a magazine. She wasn't even stretched out.....and we
aren't even sure if she had stood up or walked yet. This was the
sweetest thing I had ever witnessed.....and at that moment....I became
the coolest mom in the world when I asked Lincoln if he would like to
have her in his room. Right then and there.....I literally
became the coolest mom in the world. So.....we bounded up the stairs....
Bambi in tow. Nestled all snug in the warm bed Lincoln & Bambi set out
for one really long....sleepless night. Right about that moment Bambi
decided to get her fawn groove on and stood up & started talking.....well
I should say 'Maaaaaawwwww-ing'. All night long this sweetie
walked around the room. Not quite mastering the hardwood floors......
Lincoln 'carpeted' his room with blankets so she could walk around. I
don't think he got more than 15 minutes of sleep that night....but he was
one happy little guy. At 5:30 a.m. we embarked back over to my
mothers and reunited the fawn with her mommy. Nursed & content....
Bambi snuggled into the soft grass & drifted off for a nice nap. Mommy gave
us a happy & thankful look and bounded off to find the little twin fawn.
This was a life changing event for us. Lincoln said it was his second most
awesome experience ever right next to going to Poland last year. I am glad I
have been a part of both of those experiences. Sharing our lives together
is a blessing.


miss lynn said...

what a
story and
you and
will never
my kids
are way
much love!

Outofmymind said...

That is SO COOL! Way to be too. What a beautiful baby and a wonderful memory for your family too. I still remember my dog nursing orphaned baby squirrels, when I was 5. Glad mamma found her too.

Jen Kershner said...

That is an amazing story Hope! I wish I had been there!

Whosyergurl said...

AW. I'm so glad that the Mommy came back. Because everyone needs their Mommy!
On Monday night, I was driving home from work talking to my Mother. At one point I yelled "MOMMY!" yikes!
xo, Cheryl

Breana said...

You are the coolest mom! The fawn story is so sweet. And I loved what you did for your daughters prom. Glad I found your blog.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

I love the little fawn - so sweet! And I love your son's name. There is a gentleman in our town named Lincoln and he goes by Linc. I have always loved his name, so masculine I think.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful experience. I love animals.

Laurie said...

Oh how amazing! What a cool thing you guys got to do! Lincoln is so lucky!

Mary said...

This was breathtaking. As many deer as I have had in my yard and garden (had one doe that loved bell peppers, the plant and the peppers) I have never seen a fawn. You are so blessed to have actually held one in your arms. I am glad that mama came back and was reunited with her youngun.
God Bless you and your family.

Tami Hacker said...

Your fawn story makes my heart smile.

Growing up we were the neighborhood family that took in all the strays & injured animals - wild & domestic. My mom was great about that. I have lovely memories of her setting bird wings with Popsicle sticks,and coming home from school to find various baby animals in boxes next to my bed under a warming lamp.

What a joy you shared with Lincoln.

Holly Moore said...

Ah, this story and photos brought tears to my eys. I am literally sitting here sniffling. :) Amazing. What a blessing eventand something your family will never forget.