Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love is in the Air

I love a great Valentine's Day Celebration. Years ago, Valentine's Day was my favorite holiday. I would create Valentine after Valentine. I would pass out the lovely creations to friends and loved ones. Why even my grandmother's birthday was on Valentine's Day so the festivities were really great. Today love is still in the air. I have my husband Jeff who is the most lovely sweetie of all. While he might not be the most romantic the love is deep.

We also have another kind of love in the air around our home. It is fun to see my daughter Lindsey in love. She is 17 and has her first boyfriend. I remember those days of young love where the love was passionately romantic. Not so deep. I think both kinds are fantastic. It is fun to witness and bask in the air of romance, and that's not to say Jeff gives no romance, but I will take that secure, deep love any day of the week. To me it reveals strength, deep passion, family, security, and all those things together make me feel whole and happy. The path of love that I am traveling down is very rewarding and bears just enough passion to keep it blossoming. I hope that you feel loved and special during this special time of year and I hope that you have enjoyed these photos courtesy of a magazine I LOVE....Country Living.

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