Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine Inspiration

I just love the hunt of searching for inspiration. As each photo unfolds it is like opening a package of excitement. I love most looking for inspiration from Marhta Stewart or Country living. Those are my go to sites & they always have been.

Sometimes the ideas are just too cute. I have always wanted to make this arrangement. Where does all the time go? Marking my words, I promise that I will try at least one of these inspiration ideas.

Wouldn't it be lovely to host a spectacular dinner party and have this lovely as the center piece. Again, I vow to do this...someday. I know, I shouldn't put things off, but time lately has been getting away from me.

I think this is lovely. I would do this in a heart beat. It would be so lovely on my new marble counter tops. This could be my go to arrangement and how fun to add the red hots. There is something about red roses...they are captivating to me. Thanks Martha Stewart Living for unfolding these wonderful inspiration ideas for me.

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stephanie said...

Pretty photos!! I too get inspired when I view sweet images like these. Inspiration posts are my favorite ones to write on my blog...