Sunday, September 26, 2010

Burn Advisory

Here in Bloomington Indiana we are currently under a burn advisory. It is a really scary thing. Just last week, as a fireman, Jeff had to put out a yard fire in a family neighborhood because of a lit cigarette. It spread very quickly and even jumped the street to the neighbors across the street.

We love to host bonfires. Just last night Grandma had the kids all ready for their campfire cooking activity but had to cancel because of the advisory. The kids were really sad....but better safe than sorry.

We went to the IU football game instead....and were cold because we couldn't build the fire in the fire ring like usual because of the burn advisory. The adults were really sad....but better safe than sorry. give us the bonfire feel I am going to bake this adorable cake that I found on this awesome blog called the Birthday Blog. I love this site and will check back periodically even though my kids are big now. Who doesn't like cake???

So.....happily....I woke up to a wet patio this morning. Not raining much....but I think it is coming. Until then.....I am eating cake. Blessings for an artfully creative day.


Jen Kershner said...

This lack of rain is terrible! We had a pretty good rainy day on Weds I think and I loved every minute of it. That cake is amazing! I will have to see if I can find that blog.

Heather said...

We had some sprinkles today too, but not enough!! We do bonfires all the time here too, and LOVE smores...that cake looks so yummy! We make smores in the oven when we can't go outside, soooooo simple and just as yummy!!!

Good luck with the burn advisory...we will wish some rain your way!

kana said...

The s'mores looks yummy! The threat of fire is scary, hope things calm down soon. I also love the Petite box swaps. The black and white edition was my first one. I hope to do more...very addicting.

Sue said...

I must find that cake!!! Too yummy!


Katsui Jewelry said...

But, it is not your birthday, right, Hope?

Will be thinking of you and the weather advisory...that is very scary!!!