Friday, September 3, 2010

Craft Room Re-do

A few months ago I promised you I would give you photographs of my newly organized craft room. Well, for whatever reason I never did. Maybe I just got busy working in there because I was so excited. It seems I sure do love my stuff. Look at the cute type writer my mom got me to display my name. It is gifts like those that I cherish most.

This is one of my favorite areas to look at. I just adore all the vintage whimsy all around. Baby shoes are just one of the cutest things don't you think? I think I buy about every one that I see. See that cute crystal looking cross? Well it really isn't is SALT and I bought it from the salt mines in Poland last year.

This is where I work most all of the time. The jars full of things just inspire me. I love old apothecary jars....especially the ones with the grounded lids. Oh, you don't know what grounded lids are? Well the next time you see an old apothecary jar....remove the lid....check around the bottom of the lid....if it looks is a grounded lid. These are the older jars and they are my favorites. Look at jars the next time you are out junking and see if you spot one....and I am sure you will become a fan as well.

See....I told you I like apothecary jars. Here is another one, this time filled with old type writer keys. Isn't the tin just the bomb? Of course I don't know what came in this tin.....I just loved the color and of course the Marie Antionette-ish looking lady. I can't say that my craft room is always clean.....but ask anyone who has ever come to my humble creating place if they have ever really wanted for anything....or have I been remiss to find that perfect thing we were looking for???? It is organized & worked in.

I like to keep all my pieces for creating organized in these old printers trays. See the mermaid? That is a gift for my be used in a creation for her someday. I love to reciprocate.....even though it is never expected. Aren't those rings neat??? Don't know what I will use them for....but they came off an old ratty sweater. Just had to have it for the embellishments. The printers trays are really handy. When I am creating something that needs an embellishment, I just line them up on a big table and just start pulling things out....not only is it very handy....but it is eye candy & that fuels my creativity. I hope that you have enjoyed a little piece of my heaven on earth. Have an inspired filled day!!!!


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Beautiful studio! LOVE all the yummy treasures!

chantal johnson said...

Beautiful!!!! Hope you are doing great. Did you ever finish your kitchen?

Cherie Wilson said...

The pictures are yummy.........and your whole studio is so inpsiring Hope. When I visit, I always want to come back and just be in your room to soak it up!! Your creativity and organization are a beauty to behold. Inside out, you are!! XO

Dawn Gahan said...

Where oh where did your mom find that darling typewriter????


Marlene said...

Gorgeous place to creat. all that creative gooness.