Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Festivities......fun & relaxing!

The Labor Day Festivities began the moment I sat down in the car to drive to Danville Illinois on Saturday evening. Saturday was a whirlwind of exhaustion. I participated in two fundraisers for Lincoln's activities.....and needless to say.....I felt like I had labored. So sitting in the car for two hours was a welcome diversion to my exhaustion. I was just too happy when Jeff said he would drive. When we arrived we were all so tired & basically just went to bed so we could wake up refreshed for the next day. The greatest part of the of the trip is being with friends...and boy have I got the best of both worlds. I love this picture....us all in our sweatshirts....the weather was just perfect...but here we are....me in the center....Chrissy, my best friend from high school and her sister-in-law Jill.....who happens to be my SISTER!!! Chrissy's brother married my sister....so when I say I have the best of both worlds what I mean is that I get to be with family & friends!

The little-est one always gets picked on right??? Well let's just say Hadley begged all weekend to be buried in the sand. Trouble is....when she got there she needed a hat and some 'over sized' sunglasses. I never could get a straight answer from all the cousins....but I literally think that she is standing in a big pit buried to her neck!!!

OK....photos aren't our thing. There aren't too many of Jeff & me....so Andy....my brother-in-law just has to ruin everything. But I guess that is how memories are made????? Don't really know how much he will remember though.....eh???

Hanging out on the deck. This is after a morning of the best donuts in town. Jeff & I got up early Sunday morning and went into town to Royal Donut and picked out....well about every variety of donut they carry. Jeff is the kind of guy that likes to try it all! The kids couldn't believe the variety....and let me tell you....they were all eaten....and Jeff had to get up and take Lincoln in for more on Monday morning. I don't know if he is a glutton for punishment.....or just a glutton.

Here is a beautiful Danville sunset. Actually.....everyone I speak to says Danville is the armpit of Illinois....but it is just serenely beautiful. Chrissy & Darin built their cabin on an old strip pit. They turned it into the most beautiful....peaceful lake. There are only about 12 houses on the lake and it is always so peaceful. We love to travel there....we always feel so renewed when we come home. I hope each of you had a wonderful Labor Day & made memories with family & friends to last a lifetime.


stephanie said...

You all look like you had such a great time...Loving the photo of you three girls together. And, Hadley buried in the sand is hilarious...

Whosyergurl said...

Aw. Looks wonderfully relaxing! I'm happy for you!
Hugs, Cheryl

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is a beautiful picture of you on top. I thought you were your daughter!

I just vouched for you as a blog friend on Robin's blog. Could not resist ;-)


Jen Kershner said...

It sounds like the a wonderful weekend Hope! You are such a busy lady. It's good that you took some time away.