Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little 'French' Country......

I have always just loved little peat pots. I created with them a lot in the 90's and fashioned them into little candy cups. Well I don't really need to eat candy any more and my taste has definitely changed to a more sophisticated style. I love that about art. How you just grow....& keep growing.

I decided to try my hand making these look a bit like linen. I just love the brown peat the way it turned out. I adore the vintage French book paper.

So....since my creative palette has changed.....& my food palette has changed....I decided I would fill these cups with hand made soap.

This soap was so fun to make. I followed my daughter Lindsey's lead. Her soap is a family & friends favorite. I just have oodles of lavender....and oodles of strawberry seeds. I added these ingredients for the exfoliating properties. This soap takes all the glue & grime my hands are constantly covered in.....completely off. I scented the soap with my favorite scent......Vanilla.

Then as a cushion....I added hand made spaghetti.....not really.....but it sure felt like I was working with noodles. I had a lot of fun making my hand made 'shred'. My husband thought I had completely lost my mind. He said "Can't you just go to Wal-mart and buy that shredded tissue".....not if I wanted mine to look 'French' Country. I hope you have a wonderfully creative day. Thanks for stopping by!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Hope...I LOVE homemade soap and vanilla is my favorite scent! Are you going to be selling these? I want to buy one just to treat myself!

I have a ton of peat pots that I need to do something with so you have inspired me!


Suz said...

Great job on those peat pots. I am not a gardener and am a loss as to how to find them! I love vanilla soap, too. One of my two favorites, the other being lavender.
Big hugs,

miss lynn said...

you are so
cool, hope.
love it.

Laurie said...