Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Glimpse Into.......(SHHHHH) powder room.....

I am an avid collector. I began collecting these Frozen Charlotte's about 15 years ago. I didn't even know what they were....I just knew that I loved them. I didn't know there was a huge group of artists out there who loved them as well. I love groupings. I love to buy old shelves & old cubicles to place my collections in. I have turned my entire family into a group of collectors too. The following photographs are taken in of all powder room......I don't invite many you are a privileged few.

When I was a child my mother always did up a printers tray with 'dinkies' for all the holidays. I would stare in wonder & amazement at all the cute seasonal things. She would always say.....'Everything fits in this world.' She meant there was a place for everything. I am the master of making everything fit. You could even classify me as 'over organized'. I have one of everything & prove this quite frequently with my family & art friends. Last spring, Stephanie over at Crowns & Pearls came over for a day of lunching and crafting. She tearfully began.....'I forgot my glasses & now I won't be able to craft!'. No worries I said.....what strength of 'cheaters' do you need....I am sure I have a pair. Of course I did. I have been collecting old medicine tins since I was first married. I just love the old vintage patina that they have accumulated over the years. Here is just a small sampling of my collection.

I wish that my 'favorite' necklace was displayed like this when it isn't around my neck. But it isn't. I love how the silver looks spectacular with the glass. Glass bottles....didn't even realize I collected them until this post.....but there you have it.

.....and pearls. I love my strands.....& strands of pearls. Browns....pinks.....grays....greens. I love them all. Now....really....I won't classify these as a collection....all though some might.

A little vignette in my bathroom. Hey....I know it's not perfect....but I really use this stuff. I house my face powder in that old powder jar. It is truly one of my favorite things. Very handy too....just the right amount of powder due the the screen that came in it. I just love that feature. Thanks so much for stepping into my powder room. Glad you came in for a visit. I hope you have an artfully creative & wonderful day.


Kim Hanauer said...

Sweet Hope,
You know I adore your charlottes! Don`t you just love collecting? I think it keeps us always looking for the perfect find.
Maybe we can get together soon~

kana said...

Thanks for sharing your dreamy powder room collections.....I love them all! I know that you actually use these pretty items, because I noticed your pretty powder holder when we were at Karla's. It is awesome! Miss you!!

Tami Hacker said...

Your collections are fun - I especially like the Charlottes grouping. They are just wonderful!

Laurie said...

Thanks for showing us! I love it all!

Maija said...

You have wonderful collections Hope!!