Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little of this & that....a special project!!!

I've been working on a little project & it is coming together quite nicely.  It is a little of this & a little of that.  It is funny how when you don't think you have anything then suddenly you seem to have quite a bit.  It is a project I have been working on with Lincoln & we have been having quite the bit of fun.

Remember these little cuties from my 200th post give-away? That was back in July of 2011 only about 50 posts ago.  I know I'm kind of behind....maybe I need to give you all another give-away?  Okay....Okay....I will think of something when I get back from Handmade U and it will be spectacular!  How about you all get your creative juices flowing & you be thinking of some things you like that you know that I make....or put together & give me some suggestions.  Leave some suggestions in the comment section & that just might get me thinking???  I think that is a great idea!!  Remember...the skies the limit.  Then when I get back  I will get the give-away together & post about one real soon!  I can't wait to get it together.  It makes me giddy with excitement!  I just love to give!  I hope you have been having a great weekend.  We had a huge storm last night that blew in one beautiful day today.  Jordan kicked my you know what yesterday day & I told him I was really hating him was despising him actually....& you know what he said....he told me to 'embrace my hate & bring on the muscles'.  That made me feel a little better....not much...but a little.....BECAUSE I CAN BARELY FREAKIN WALK!  And then I just got even more fed up with the way I felt & marched right into my studio and started folding a pile of felted sweaters that had been on a heap on the the step stool out & by golly if I didn't start marching up that ladder & put those sweaters up on the highest shelf!  About 20 times up that stinking ladder.  But the good news....I did say I would be ready for Monday morning & for him to BRING IT!  So it is a good thing and I am ready.  So you all have a great day relaxing while it takes huge effort for me to just sit down to write this....& I wish you many happy blessings to create to your hearts content.  I love you all & especially you Jordan Loewe.  And sorry I just rambled...but that is what I do these days....I can't even count any more so just bare with me for the time being while I get things figured out...the old Hope will return shortly....a new & improved version I promise...... right Jordan!!!!!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hey Hope..u are always go go go and I luv it... Full of inspiring energy... Ohhh another give away would be amazing since I missed the .last one. Hmmm maybe some wonderful solder charms. I luv the ones u make... If I win they will go into my hope ellington collection!!!! U will have a marvelous time at handmade u and u need to come over and show me all the pretties y make.... Hugs

Anonymous said...


How nice of you to leave me a comment AND follow my blog!!!

It is such a delight to click on my blog and find that I have a new follower...especially since I have so few. :)

Thank you!
:) Hope

P.S. I liked your, "2 hope's together is kind of cute!"

Laurie said...

LOVE all the red!

Sara Pliske said...

Hope -

Have fun this week!! Can't wait to hear wait to hear all about it!

Blessings - Sara