Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Creative Wings Prize Ribbon Swap....I Loved It!

I had so much fun participating in Tabitha's prize ribbon swap.  I just adore prize ribbons so much.  But's what not to adore.  They evoke such happy times.  Going to the county fair and winning a grand champion ribbon for baking the best blueberry pie in the county.  Or showing that prize winning pig or special Americana Hen that you raised from a baby.  

I had a lovely partner that I was paired with.  Here is the beautiful prize ribbon she created for me in it's entirety.  Holly, from Paper Pieces of Me outdid herself on this lovely prize ribbon.  Lindsey was home for the weekend so we got to open it together & we were just delighted as we unfurled layer after layer of tissue to reveal the beautiful creation inside.  I couldn't have happier.

This close-up gives a nice detail of the special embellishment that Holly placed on my prize ribbon.  I love how she added an 'H' for Hope.  I also love the pretty vintage pearl earring.  It is stunning.  Together everything just looks beautiful.  Very nicely put together.  I love the detail.  Thanks so much Holly...it adds such a nice touch to my ever growing collection of prize ribbons.

Here is what I sent to Holly.  It might be a little too pink.  I really hope that she likes it.  It has a very sparklie rhinestone piece of bling that I know she will adore.  And it is very glittery....another bonus for Holly....cha ching on that note.  I know that she likes pink....but it might be a little too pink....that's my fear.  I think I studied her blog a little too much instead of her email.  She has little girls....a bonus on the pink thing....oh I am praying.  It has a little french flair....

Bonne Chance.....Good Luck.....a nice sentiment no matter how you slice it.  And I do wish Holly & each of you Bonne Chance wherever you may go today!

Thanks Holly for being such a wonderful swap partner.  It was so fun getting to know you a little bit through the emails that we shared.  Tabitha as always....it was a lovely swap.  I enjoy so much that you host lovely swaps for us to play in & get out the glitter & glue.  You challenge & inspire us to be our very best in a creative environment where we get to meet new people.  While you are at it friends click on Tabitha's 
and check out her latest swap that she is hosting for Halloween.....it's going to be spooktakular....& you might just make a new friend or two because you get to pair up!  I hope you have a glorious day.  Blessings!


The Junque Seeker said...

These are both beautiful! I'll bet Holly will be thrilled, and won't think that ribbon is too pink at all.

Laurie said...

Oh, she will love it! I do!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Its pink perfection..... Luv it. Aren't swaps just the best. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to have missed this one! Your ribbons are both beautiful; and I certainly don't think yours (for Holly) is TOO pink... love the frilliness of it.