Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Love My Pantry

I love my pantry.  Sometimes we party in the pantry.  It's a joke really.  But I do have a little sink in there & keep it pretty organized & clean.  I really enjoy it a lot.  It's very stocked & I could probably cook for months with what it is stocked with.   So that's why I am going to head over to my nearest Target today & stock up on the old reliable pantry staple.... Campbell's Tomato Soup.

They are now carrying these limited edition Andy Warhol themed cans of tomato soup.  Aren't the colors just amazing? I can't stand it.  Now when I say I love my pantry....I mean I want cute stuff in there....I mean these cans are cute & would add some adorable ambiance to any pantry!  Hey....I don't even like canned tomato soup.  I have been making Jen's from The Cottage Nest fire roasted tomato soup for years & really I have found  no better tomato soup recipe out there....thanks Jen!  Nothing compares.  But I would love to have a wall of these just for the color bath alone.

The cans were designed in celebration of Warhol's original works featuring Campbell's soup can's.  I think that is just a great piece of American history worth sharing.  I found these great photos from an amazing blog that I love reading because of Jessica's love for all things vintage, and her love for vintage millinery.  Her blog is called Such Pretty Things & it really is pretty.  So I am running....well maybe not running YET....but soon Jordan soon (my new Fitness Specialist....not to be confused with a TRAINER....because he is oh so much more....that's for you Jordan if you ever read this LOL!) over to Target for some of these adorable cans of tomato soup to bathe my pantry in some adorable color!  I hope you have a glorious day.....& I hope to hit 10,000 steps today on my new pedometer that I purchased at yes.....Target!  Blessings!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

Wow I need to get to Target. I adore tomato soup..sounds good w some brioche crutons. 10000. Steps is a lot but u can do it. My new fixture arrived today. Hugs.

Jen Kershner said...

Hey Sweetness! I'm glad you enjoy the soup! I'm headed to Target later and will pick up a few can's for the cuteness factor too. You know my family won't even consider canned soup! ;)

Sara Pliske said...

Omgosh Hope I want some!! Did you buy them all up? haha I will go today! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Did you get to your 10000 step goal? You are amazing!!

Sandra Kaye said...

Hello Hope..I m hoping that this is the Hope who is my partner for HU? If not you have a lovely blog!! If YES, ....I am so excited to find your blog!! Thanks for following mine. I am sooo in love with these cans of soup...I can find them at Target?? I am on my way there today!! Hugs

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Hope! I love tomato soup and hope that we carry the Warhol version in Canada- because my pantry is my pride and joy too :) I love the blogs you mentioned but I couldn't find the coup recipe. Anyway, have a great evening!

Sandy xox

cmoh said...

Heck I'm going to have to go get them just for the labels! Great share, I want to see your pantry now.