Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Graphics & Fun Ephemera

I love the old graphics & old packaging of times gone by.  Things just aren't the same today.  As I unwrap something today I am usually angered & have profanities come from my mouth or a little ditty that my children always laughed at 'I bet an angry Chinese man had to package this' which really if you think about it, globally speaking & with today's economy isn't funny at all.

But these old hosiery boxes are absolutely the berries in my humble opinion.  My mother saved these out for me when she helped a friend clean out her families home.  Oodles of vintage 1950's & 1960's hosiery boxes some still with the hosiery still in them.  This was the packaging....not what we see today.  But rather interesting graphics & sturdy...flat...interesting boxes....ready for me to use one day when the time was right & the quantity perfect.  Well that time has come & I have seized the moment.

This was the only one like it.  Personally not my favorite....but for this project interesting enough.  I am using these for my ephemera swap for Handmade U.  I probably shouldn't be posting it yet...but since most are traveling tomorrow I don't think they will be blog hopping too much today.  I packaged all my ephemera in these boxes & hey....it's another piece of ephemera for the collection right???  And it's all about the presentation for me any how.

Here's a little sneak peak at some of what I put into my boxes.  Of course you all know that I am just a paper junkie....Can there ever be enough paper???  Just wait until I show you some of the new paper that came from France the other day....that will have to be a post all to it's own.  Can I just say YUMMY!  I will let you know that I was drooling...no I will say that I had tears welling up in my eyes it was so pretty.  Some of the hotel receipts are from the 1860's....oh I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll wait.

But here's a little teaser for any of you who might just be peaking & who might just be in this little fun swap at Handmade U.  And if you are....just know that I have lovingly packaged up this fun filled swap for you & no....it has not in any way been spoiled for you because there is oh so much more for you to behold.  Many more delicious tidbits for you to go through & adorn your journals & future projects with!  So have a wonderfully art filled & creative day.  Blessings!

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Anonymous said...

I get excited by old papers and images, too. What fun!

:) Hope