Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few Lasting Keepsakes

I love to make gifts that will have a lasting impression on the recipient.  My niece wanted to give a special gift to her best friend & didn't want to give that standard 'mall' gift.  So she asked her Aunt Hope for a little help....I think we came up with a very special gift for her very special bestie.  Sydney was really happy to give this special gift & Claire felt over-joyed.

After my niece's brilliant idea.... along came Sydney's mother....my sister & LOVED her idea.  She ditched the traditional 'mall' gift & decided on giving ornaments to her friends as well.  They were getting married & what better way to celebrate this union.  A silver soldered ornament of the two love birds.  I adored this military photo and added this cool vintage adornment to the bottom of the ornament.  I thought it added so much.  I just love how the vintage grey velvet brought out the richness of his uniform.  

And this simple photo just needed a little vintage rhinestone to balance off the shape. I think it gives just the right amount of sparkle.  On the backs of these ornaments I commemorate the special event.  It makes for a lovely keepsake.  A collection of these ornaments adorns my banister at the holiday time & it is my most cherished holiday collection.  They hang from red seam binding from evergreen garland & it just makes for the most sentimental, sweet keepsake.  I add a couple of favorite photos from the year.  I hope your day is filled with loveliness & inspiring things today.  Blessings.