Monday, August 27, 2012

Creative Wings Cake Swap...Tabitha's Cake

As promised I wanted to show you the lovely cake that Tabitha  created for me.  When presented to me, the candle was inside the cake on a lovely vintage card tied with pretty lace and as instructed I untied it & placed the vintage birthday candle on my cake.  That was a very clever touch!

Inside it was filled with just the most yummy vintage exquisiteness.  Vintage tulle, vintage millinery, vintage German scrap, of which Tabitha scored big time while out perusing her numerous haunts.  She is a fabulous shopper & quite the little savvy hunter.  It is amazing to shop with her.  So fun & she has lived in Indiana such a short time yet she knows the area so well, it's like she just scavenged the area....I love her adventureness.  I'm just not that daring.

...And then the best I told you in my last post...her studio was truly the best...well Tabitha just started pulling out stuff for me!!!!  What do you love Hope???  What do you want Hope???  What is your hearts desire Hope???  I read your blog start to finish Hope???  I know what you LOVE???  Start choosing some things that you would like for your stash in addition to what I chose for you.....ummm like I can't do that Tabitha?????  So I said well that flocked wallpaper is really pretty....and that aqua velvet ribbon is pretty...& that pink rhinestone button is quite nice & they just started ending up in my pile & I started getting into it!!!!'s fun to shop in Tabitha's studio!!!  I was getting into this!!!  WOWIE!!!

And just yesterday I was filling a swap box for a partner....for Handmade U, a one on one, vintage ephemera cigar box swap, & Jeff was getting that sick feeling in his stomach like why are you giving so much away????  All that cool stuff!!!!  Don't give that will use that....that is too cool!!!  But I like'll use that some day!!!!  But Lincoln might like that????  Don't put that in!!!!  Ummmm wait....Hey...stop....Hope!!!  While I was showing my mother Tabitha's lovely box filled with the pretty bluebird button card, & the vintage German scrap, & the vintage tulle, & all the other cool stuff....he said....WOW she gave you all that stuff?  That girl with the sweet baby, that came to our house that day?  And I said yes Jeff, Tabitha gave all this to me.  Then he was resting a little easier & began feeling all the loveliness that I have felt for so long in this art world of ours.

So....another fun swap.  I just love the whole swap thing.  Tabitha hosts a lot of fun swaps.  I will send off my prize ribbon to Holly later this week, another swap that Tabitha hosted.  Then I will begin her Halloween Nut Cup swap.  That will be a fun swap.  I just know that it will get me into the excitement of Halloween.  So thanks for hosting such fun & exciting swaps Tabitha.  They inspire me to reach for my creative best & force me to challenge myself and pull out all that sparkles in my studio....I hope you all have a wonderfully creative day!  Blessings.

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Creative Wings Boutique said...

giving the best it always the BEST things to do.... I luved giving you all those pretties and i know you will create the most lovely things.... visit ill take you to the architecural salvage place with the most amazing things...hugs