Friday, August 17, 2012

My Daily Walks....They Do A Body Good

I am so fortunate that I live by such a gorgeous setting.  Last night we had a wonderful rain that left us with this beautiful morning.  Green & fresh.  Just the right kind of lovely.  I can't say that I have always taken advantage of my gorgeous setting & always walked my mornings but I will say that I am taking advantage of it now.  I am finally healthy.  Finally after   
46 years of unhealthy living I have wised up and shed nearly 60 pounds and gotten smart, gotten my act together, looked at my surroundings & taken charge.  Why not....wouldn't you.....when you get to see this every morning of your life!

It really only does get better as I meander on.  It truly is breath taking.  The deeper I go.  It is lush.  It is serene.  Mother Nature at her best.  It is so peaceful.  I think.  I pray.  I get to convene with nature.  After the rain things were so pretty this morning & the creek was just babbling on.

The moss was so vibrant....and then I looked down and saw these magnificent white mushroom flowers....and I had never seen such  pretty ones in my life.  I think the rain had made them bloom so exquisitely.  I really was stunned.

The petals were such a creamy white soft & sponge like.  The centers were glistening with pearl like centers sparkling in the pale sunlit morning.  I really felt like I had stumbled onto to one of God's holy treasures.....and it only got better as I walked deeper I came onto another favorite spot of mine, water logged from the nights rain the moss loving the saturated soaking from last night as we all had

because we have just suffered so much with this summers drought.  So we are all just happy after the nice rain that we had last night.  It was very rejuvenating.  Like I mentioned earlier, even the creek was singing!  So as I walked along this morning.....every thing was very green.....every thing was very  
bright....& every thing was very dusted off & I was very happy to show you a little glimpse of the lovely walk that I get to take each morning.  This is the walk that I hope to continue as each of the seasons change to help me continue my journey on my weight loss goal.  I feel so happy that I am able  to do these goals daily & I am happy that the beauty in my life makes it easier.  Have a great day!


Jen Kershner said...

Perfectly lovely Hope! Congratulations on your great accomplishment. It's very impressive!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Lovely Hope.... Now start thinking about craft day ...

The Junque Seeker said...

Congrats on getting healthy! I'm so proud of anyone who can accomplish that. And thanks for sharing your lovely scenery - just beautiful!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

You took me back to my childhood home with those photos. Having grown up in Connecticut, our homes were surrounded with woods. My friend up the road was the one who introduced me to Jack-in-the-pulpits and the fairies that would play on their beautiful petals! I have always wondered what happened to her! Congrats on the weight loss.. So thrilled or you!

stephanie said...

Did you walk all the way to Bedford like we did that day? At least you had your camera with you for protection!!!

Laurie said...

'So proud of you! I want to be just like you when I grow up! LOL!!!