Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creative Wings Cake Swap....Oh So Yummy

I like to participate in a several of swaps a year.  I'm not swap happy or anything because quite frankly I don't have a lot of time & I really like one on one swaps the most where you get paired with a partner.  So I had fun joining Tabitha from Creative Wings Cake Swap & when I became her partner I suggested I drive to her house & make a special bakery delivery & we swap cakes in person since we just live one hour away from each other.  Above is the cake I made for her...a 3 tiered bakery confection.  Adorned with layer after layer with vintage flocked wallpaper, vintage rhinestone buttons, hand dyed satin ribbon, glittered flocked wallpaper, & my very own hand dyed coffee filter 'icing flowers'.  You can't even imagine how much like icing flowers they look.  I sprayed them with glimmer mist which gave them a wonderful sparkle & Tabitha knew right off the bat what I had used....she is a product junkie....something I am not.  I am a make-do kind of gal & find out about new products very rarely because that is just the way I operate.....but this glimmer mist is wonderful....and I must say.....I will be purchasing more colors of the product.  It is great stuff.

Part of the swaps assignment was to fill the inside of the cake with supplies.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I love my supplies & also knows that I love to lavish my swap partners with anything that I have.  So....keeping with the theme of my layers....I tried my hardest to keep each of the layers with a color scheme.  Pink items went in the pink layer.  Blue items went in the blue layer & so on & so on.  I really don't know if Tabitha picked up on that or not.  I didn't go into that because I was too busy looking around at her wonderful studio.  It is absolutely amazing.  I could live in there & never come out! out to Where Women Create....Hello are you out there????? definitely want to put her in your magazine!!!!!  I kind of invited myself up to her house for the bakery delivery.....well she does have all the sweet adorable children....& I didn't want to pose any hardships on the young mommy....been there done I'm hoping she will invite me & a friend over for creating day sometime this fall!!!!  I NEED to get my hands on ALL of her lovely supplies...I might just bring my sleeping bag & camp out!!  Stay for days....I need her stash!!

So you can probably guess????  Yes....this went in the yellow layer.  Isn't she pretty?  It was hard to part with her...but  like I said I like to lavish my partners with loveliness & I was pretty sure Tabitha would adore her.  I might add that I was so busy gawking at all of the wonderful things in Tabitha's studio Tabitha was busy snapping away all these beautiful photos of what I brought her.  So these photos are all courtesy of Tabitha.  Thanks so much Tabitha!!!

And anyone that knows me knows that I love Frozen Charlotte's.  Big ones....small ones...medium ones.  It really doesn't matter.  I love the story....I love the history....I love their broken dirty bodies....I love the dirt that falls out of the box that has traveled all the way from Germany and falls onto my counter top when I unpack them. can pretty much anticipate getting one from me in a swap because I adore giving them so much.  They are wonderful.  Tabitha was no exception.  I hope she loves her as much I do.  I hope she creates something special with her....or just loves her in her wonderful stash of loveliness.

This little sweetie was REALLY hard to part with....but sometimes giving is more special than keeping.  I knew that Tabitha would love her & she has little girls.  I also knew that she likes to create with her oldest daughter down in the I wanted to send wonderful things.  I love to inspire the young girls too.  So I wanted to send lots of little doll things in the cake.  This was such a fun swap to participate in.  I love doing swaps because they inspire me so much.  Thanks so much Tabitha for hosting this fun swap....I love playing & I loved being your partner.  I can't wait to show you my cake & the goodies that she made for me!!  Be sure to check back to see her lovely confection.  I hope you have a lovely & inspiring day full of special blessings.


Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hope.....ur generosity and talent are amazing. I simply adore everything and can not thank u enough. Everything was done to perfection. This cake will serve as inspiration for me everyday.... I luv it all my friend. Hugs

Laurie said...

Oh, you always spoil your friends! Lucky Tabitha! It is a beautiful creation! But the best part is that you went to see her!