Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Fun Summer Shopping

I had a lot of fun this summer shopping around the state of Indiana.  We didn't venture too far away yet I was still able to find some great finds.  One place I did score was a new place & it was at the Indy Vintage Market.  It is held once a month in Indianapolis & has been compared to the Paris Flea markets....now that is a laughable stretch & I will say I had a great time.....but NOT the Paris Flea Markets by any stretch of the imagination.

I got these great vintage typewriters which I have wanted for eons.  One is a gift for my 12 year old niece Lilly.  It's okay.....she doesn't read my blog so it will still be a surprise.  I am going to keep the aqua one for myself though because I just think the color is TOO cute!

I also got these incredibly cool Knights of the Pythias pins.  Well I couldn't resist their awesome charm & wonderful patina.  There stellar graphics were really grabbing me too....I took 10, and found out another lady had chosen 10 as well only to later find out the shopper was my dear friend Lisa from Lola Rue who was shopping hours before me.  We gravitate towards the same items....funny how we bought the exact same number too.  Knights of the Pythias is an international fraternal order founded in 1864 by Justin H. Rathbone in Washington D.C. dedicated to the idea of universal peace.  I think I might add one to a journal or maybe a sewing sampler.

Some time later on in the summer I was shopping in Lola Rue....my good friend Lisa's shop & got this awesome watchmakers cabinet.  It is made of metal & has four drawers.  It is wonderful and has all these little boxes as you can see from the above photo.  I can store all my bits & bobs!  It does away with most of my plastic storage bin containers.....which I detest with a passion.  I was so amazed by what I could get in the drawer system that I have freed up so much space.  I am loving life at the moment.  Basically....it has given me a creative outlet beyond belief.  Truly...I am on cloud nine.

This was something that I thought was exceptionally creative & interesting.  I really just couldn't pass it up.  This plastic canvas masterpiece......rightfully named.....would you not agree????  Well let me tell you.....it has over 350 vintage rhinestone buttons attached to it with pipe cleaners!  The person.....whose booth that I purchased it from wove each button intricately through the mesh of the canvas.  I personally could not believe it....so I just had to buy it. It is one of the most unusual things of interest I have purchased in the types of things that I buy anyway....I love vintage rhinestone buttons....& this was displayed so unusually that I just had to have it!  I think you will agree.  So I hope you have enjoyed some of my summer shopping spree....I didn't venture too far from home.....but I still had some fun & I didn't break the bank too badly! So as I end this little post of my summer escapade I hope you come back to my little blog.  I have been away for awhile, but am realizing how much I have missed this part of my creative world.  I hope I can add this back to my life.  So until I join you again.  Ta Ta for now!


stephanie said...

Lovely finds....

Laurie said...

How did I get so behind on your blog?! Something is wrong with my Reader! I love all your finds!!