Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Lovely Little Give-Away

I am so excited to be showing you this lovely give-away today.  
I have made a new friend in the blog world & I am so happy that I have.  Not only is she very talented & lovely....but in reality she lives relatively close to me here in the midwest.  That is a real perk for me!  She is the lovely Kadee Metzger of Kadee and please forgive me but I do not know how to link blogs for the life of me despite me trying desperately.  So you will just have to manually  to type in her address and not just click on my link.  But I think for this lovely give-away it will be worth it....don't you?

I am not exactly sure when Kadee joined my little Alanna George group for the 12 days of Christmas swap....but I am sure happy that she did....because that is how I met her.  I started doing Alanna's swaps about 3 years ago after Silver Bella as a way to stay connected with fellow artists.  It has really been a fun way to do so & now I have met this talented of the many....many reasons I love blogging & this wonderful art world that I have grown to love.

Look at the pretty detailing on this lovely bag that Kadee is offering in her give-away.  Look at the gorgeous lace detail and pretty buttons....I am sure they must be vintage & I love the distressed plaid in the leaves.  I just think it is all too pretty.  I think the green seersucker at the bottom is delightful....a sure southern detail as I know Kadee loves the South!!!  A lady after my own heart!!  Swoon!  I just love 
how 'mis-matched' everything is because it just makes everything 'go' together so nicely.  As my 15 year old son would say 'Mom...that doesn't make sense!'  But what do boy's know anyway??

.....and look how lovely it will look when I win this bag in Kadee's give-away & it is just casually slung on my entryway table (or in this case Kadee's entryway table) but envision mine please.... after a lovely day out shopping my favorite flea markets????  So scoot on over to Kadee's blog and join her give-away and a chance to win this lovely bag...actually I can't even believe I am telling the world about this????  Have I lost my mind???  Good luck Kadee...your bag is delightful & so are you!


Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Hope, thanks so much for the delightful, incredible shout-out! Right back at you with the sentiments. I have made a friend in you and I couldn't feel more fortunate! For certain, road trips are in our future!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so lucky I have met her in person, twice!! She's a truly beautiful soul and SO talented!


Pamela Jane said...

Hope, if you still need an answer to your link question, here goes: In the "new" Blogger, as you Compose a new Post, while you're still in drafting mode, you'll see a Menu bar across the top of the Compose window. Highlight the name in your draft-post that you want to link. Then click on the active "Link" button in the Menu bar, which opens a window where you can add (copy and paste) the URL address of the blog or other site you are linking to. There are also directions provided there. After you click OK in the window, the name you've typed in your post will be underlined in your draft post. It will not be underlined in your published post, but it will be active.