Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Can't Wait to Go To HandMade U Again

 Well I think it is funny that the very next post that I am doing is a post about Handmade U!  Truly I can't believe I have not posted in five whole months.  I don't know where the time has gone quite frankly.  Can you all just assume that I have been leading a hugely full life?  So my life begins and ends with Handmade U....ok...that is good right....because it is that fun!  So, this is my third semester to attend.  I have been to all of them and I love going.  I have learned so much.  Rachel has been so good to us.  Please, I know there are a few more spots available....if you have the time....sign up.  It will not disappoint....check out the awesome teachers below.....

 This is Hope Wallace Karney....and I have been dying to take one of her classes for so long.  I secretly used to be honored when people would get me confused with her because of our names.  She is so talented & I just can't wait to see what I will learn from her.  My head is swooning just thinking about it.  Maybe just maybe....I will pop open one of my new Copic Markers for her class!!!  Okay....I am liking blogging again...I have missed this....I really have.  

 This is an example of one of her journals.  I know I will never  be able to journal or write like she does....but I am sure she will have great techniques to show me how.  I know that Pam sure did teach me a lot last year & I was even able to do it when I got home so that was a true blessing.  I could even draw that crazy bird & teach my family how to do it too.

 This is the oh so talented Liesel Lund.  She is a children's book illustrator and jewelry creator. One of the really interesting things she does is she is an artist for Tommy Bahama one of Jeff's favorite clothing lines.  That is just too cool!  She is going to teach us how to do some cool distressing techniques in our own children's journal we are going to make.  I can't wait for this one!!

Here is an example of one of her journals.  I can't wait to see all the fun we will be doing.  Michelle Geller & Shelley Overholt are going to do some fun make & takes & there are oodles of sponsors including me!  There is a fun bus tour of Omaha NE going to Dick Blick & Archivers and some fun Antique hot spots along the way!  I really can't wait for all the fun....oh yah....and I forgot to mention the VERY best PART of the whole travel companion.... the lovely Miss Stephanie Oyler of Crowns & Pearls.  We have done this wonderful journey together each time and have loved every minute of it.  So check out Hand Made U..... book today or keep it in mind for the next will not disappoint!  

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stephanie said...

As always the trip is going to be absolutely fabulously wonderful!!