Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Early English Ironstone

I love a good collection. These pictures are not
mine. However....my collection
is pretty awesome. Pictures to follow on
another day.

I have been collecting early English Ironstone
for about 20 years. I bought my first
piece at an auction with Jeff.
I liked the lines of the sugar & creamer
set that I bought that day.
Little did I know it would turn out
to be something I would seek out my
entire life.

It goes with everything I own. It's creamy
and dreamy. All the shades of white a
different pale shade. I love the grazing
and the crackle of the old finish.

I especially love all the different
markings. My favorite....
and the marking that will make me
purchase each & every time is
Meakin. I love the earlier pieces that
they created. The period I aim for
is 1850-1890. But really any piece of
white ironstone has enough draw to bring me
right in. I want it.....I need it.....like a
junkie needs her drug.

If you start collecting white ironstone
you will love it. It will nestle right
into your home. Try placing all your
seasonal garden plantings in the
pitchers and you will be amazed. Wait
till you place that first peony....or those sprigs
of holly....or the hydrangeas! Then....I
know you will be hooked. Someday.....when
I capture the beauty of my collection....
I will share with you. Until then have a wonderfully
creative and blessed evening.


Back At Ya Babe said...

Love this! Love it! Love it!!!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

i have been trying to start a collection of ironstone and have one small bowl. hoping to have it grow! love the pics hope. cant wait to see ur collection

Holly Lane Antiques said...

White ironstone can be quite addicting - especially the early English pieces. Visit Holly Lane Antiques and view our large collection to add to or begin yours

Kim Hanauer said...

Oh Hope,
How I wish I could come and see your white ironstone! Love, love it! I`ve never collected it (yet) but love the history and calmness of the neutral tones.
I wish we could have a day to play too! Maybe it won`t be long....