Monday, January 3, 2011

Veggies for 2011

As my friend Heather so aptly pointed out this morning,
she likes that I stated my GOALS for 2011....
and didn't make any resolutions. That is really what is
more important anyway. I know when I feel the best....
it is when I eat more fruits & vegetables. It's
hard to do that....especially when your mind
considers FAT.....SUGAR.... and WHITE FLOUR
food groups.

So that is what I am planning on doing. Do you
see that word PLANNING? Well that is what
I need to do to incorporate more fruits & vegetables
into my diet. I plan on having lot's of
vegetables and fruits on hand. Then....I can
make omelets....stir fries.....snacks.

I am not saying that I am the picture of health. Not by
any means. But I know that the foods that God
put on this earth....not the foods we have processed
on this earth....are what I need to be eating. And I truly feel
that many of these foods must be organic. I try to buy
certain foods organically. Like peppers. Like celery. Like
carrots. Like apples. These foods are found very easily in the
organic section of my local Kroger.

Really.....I do love most vegetables. I have some favorites.
Sugar Snap Peas....these little babies are by far
an Ellington favorite. I quit buying them fresh and have
been opting on purchasing them in the frozen section
in those new little steamer bags. If I need them in a hurry I pop
them in the microwave for 1 minute....then run them under
cool water the rest of the way. They are just YUMMY! red peppers. Another Ellington staple.
Roasted Carrots. I know....they caramelize and get really sweet....but
hey...they are still a veggie & my kids love them. We eat them in
a bowl with some cottage cheese. It is bright & beautiful eating
them this way.

...and really....who doesn't adore roasted vegetables.
The smoky subtileness is delicious. I love adding some mild
goat cheese to a thick slice of grilled farm bread and then
layering on the roasted vegetables. Here I would love to also add
some GOOD balsamic vinegar. A big roasted portebella....some roasted
peppers....and some roasted asparagus. Really...this wouldn't be
torture at fact this is sounding really yummy. I really am
glad I want to incorporate this healthier food fare into my
2011 diet. It is going to better for all of us. Here's to
my realistic goals! Bon Appetit'!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
mmmm pure yumminess!!!!
have a great week

Kim Hanauer said...

Hi Holly,
I`m a big fan of vegetables! Since I changed my diet three years ago, I feel better and have more energy.
Here`s to a Veggie New Year....

Suz said...

Now I am very hungry!!! I do love good vegetables and I
can live on roasted peppers for a day, at least! Yum! Balsamic favorite!

But, then I do love chocolate and we have some great ice cream in the freezer.

Jud and I did South Beach together and felt so much better wjem we kicked the sugar habit. I was amazed.

Hugs to you, sweetie,