Friday, January 28, 2011

Hope's Must Have Kitchen Essentials

I wouldn't go & say that I am the best cook
on the planet. I would categorize myself as
a good cook though. More importantly, I
would categorize myself as a very
organized cook. Yes....all these measuring
cups are mine. I call them baking essentials.
I like to have a lot of them. Lately it seems that
there are usually about 3 cooks cooking in
my kitchen. I love cooking together. It seemed
that each time I needed a dry was always
wet....with say peanut butter....or oil. That's when
I had a light bulb moment. Have more sets of

Yes....I do need all these spatula's. Actually....
I have more in the color red. These are actually
one of my most used kitchen essentials. Do you know
how clean you can get the peanut butter jar
with a tiny spatula? Jeff looked at all my cooking
things one day and remarked.....'I think some of your
tools need to move to the mine'. I don't
think so.....MY tools make our home run more
smoothly.....your tools are like an accident waiting to
happen. Besides...mine are so nicely organized. I
actually like looking into my 'baking drawer' and seeing
everything all the ready to cook
something fabulous!!!

And yes......of course I need all these measuring
spoons. Most of them cost only a quarter
at garage sales. Who wants soy sauce or Worcestershire
sauce dripping down their hands....or
worse the side of the bottle....only to dirty up
the refrigerator? Why yes...these are time saving
tools....that make my life easier. Don't forget the dry/wet
measuring problem either!!!! Baking powder....baking soda....
soy sauce & Worcestershire sauce don't mix!!!!

I know....I know.....the photo is horrific! But I just
had to show you these scrapers. The stainless steal one
is the biggest blessing in my kitchen. It is a breeze to clean
the counter off into the trash....or my hand with this!
Cooking rolling day....a breeze!
Noodle making day....a delight!
Pie crust rolling day....HEAVEN!
Oh....I forgot....I buy Pillsbury Pie Crust....who can
make better crust than them????
The brown scrapers are fabulous to clean out
my cast iron cook wear. Yes.....I really do use cast
iron! It cooks the best....and makes my food taste
the best. Anyway....the scrapers are a must for those pans.
I hope you have liked reading about my kitchen
essentials. Do any of you have any great tips
in the kitchen? I am always looking for
ways to make my life easier & more productive. I hope
that you have an artfully creative day either in the
craft room....or the kitchen. My favorite rooms in the house!!!


Jill said...

Those little brown scrapers are THE BEST! Mine are getting worn down. You really have a lot of measuring spoons, spatulas and cups!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh my u have alot a tools
but i do too. my fav tool is my kitchenaide pro. I couldnt get through the holiday cookie making without it

LuLu Kellogg said... have a lot of kitchen toys! All necessary too!!

We are getting socked with MORE snow....*sigh*


Suz said...

Oh, Hope, I love those little kitchen thingies! My kitchen is pinkish so that is the color I want! We went to a sale at Bloomingdales yesterday (we are in California still) and I told Jud I would throw everything away if I could get all new all-clad tinsels. Well, he knew it was kind of a joke!

I do Betty's crusts, too. She is the best. My MIL taught me well!

Getting anxious to go home. Jud has his radiation this week. Every day for twenty minutes. It is very quick. We are due to go home on Saturday. Hope that works out.

Thank you so much for your prayers. You are one wonderful woman!!!

Big hugs,

Whosyergurl said...

those little brown scrapers are like the ones I use to scrape my Pampered Chef stoneware. I love to cook with pottery and have a LOT of it! You are one smart Cookie, Hope. We drove out your way maybe I passed your house! Hello, if so. It was such a nice day for a ride in the car with my little Chelsea by my side!
Hugs, Cheryl