Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love is in the Air

I want to give you a little peek. A peek into
some of the swaps I have been working on.
This is a swap with a group of past &
present Silver Bella girls.
Started by Alanna George because of the
fact she would be unable to attend
Silver Bella 2010.... she asked if we wanted
to do a spring ornament swap last winter. 15 of us
eagerly joined. Let me tell you....there are some
very talented women in this group.
So while I squealed
and opened that first box of my mind
I knew I wanted to be in another swap. Then we swapped
for a Halloween Ornament Swap. We again were not
disappointed. So....without a moments hesitation....
the Valentine Ornament Swap began. So now as we
scurry about packaging the lovelies into
the finest wrapping and get them boxed up to send
lovingly to Alanna....I thought I would give just
a little peek at my pretties.

In my mind I cheat just a little. I have been
going the easy route and making a
soldered ornament. The girls seem
to enjoy them & boast about them....
so....I add to the swap with a little
soldered lovely. It's what I am into
that's what I have been doing.

My photos don't do them actual justice. I
think you can get the general idea. I really don't
want the best photo....since it is really just
a peek. After I receive the whole swap.....I will
post more photos. I hope that you have enjoyed
this little snippet of my Valentine Ornament
Swap.....because love really is in the air
around here. Blessings for an artfully
creative evening.


kandeland said...

looks lovely! i just adore valentines day and love to get sneak peeks into what everyone is doing and swapping! happy weekend to you,
xo natalea

The Junque Seeker said...

So pretty! I need to get back to my soldering, and this gives me inspiration.

Maija said...

They look beautiful Hope! Your partners will be thrilled!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love anything you create and these are wonderful!

I love your little tags too!


Kim Hanauer said...

I love your art! Your soldered lovelies will be adored by your friends! Hope, you really are an inspiration to us all!
Now...if I could just get my soldering iron to work right...
Happy Sunday!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

soo lovely hope! I need to 411 on these awesome swaps you do!

Cherie Wilson said...

Hope! It is so good to catch up on your much fun going on here!! I have been far and away but maybe catching up this week. Life has a way of doing that:) Enjoy this long weekend and maybe breakfast soon?!?! Love ya!

Robin Sanchez said...

Oh so sweet.....and to know one will soon be mine...squeeeeal. What a fun sneak peek of whats to come!! I love being part of this swap. I can hardly wait to receive my box of valentine ornaments. They just keep getting better.

Suz said...

Hope, your soldered lovelies could not be any lovelier. I cherish mine!