Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Sampler Swap

As I promised myself this year in my list of
goals....I am challenging myself to
participate in more swaps. I love a good
swap. The anticipation of waiting
for them to come in the mail.....
all lovingly packaged. It is a simple joy
I just love. As you can tell by my sidebar....I do
partake in a few. I belong to a wonderful group
of Silver Bella gals that will be sending off
our third independent from Silver Bella swap
next week. The group is 15 strong and we make ornaments
for different holidays. We have done a spring swap....a
Halloween swap....and this one will be a Valentine swap.
The group is hosted by Alanna George and let me
tell you the talent is strong. Last year at Silver Bella I participated
in Chantal Johnson....from Wishblooms....her sampler swap.
This is what I sent. I had to make 4 I believe. I was trying to
be fancy.....and I really liked how it turned out. She made our samplers
into little sewing books with embroidery scissors.
Really a wonderful keepsake. So....this year
I thought I would go out on a limb and join Linda's.....from A
Swap for All Season's 5x7 sampler one on one swap. I will get my
partner shortly and eagerly wait to get started. Sewing really isn't my
thing....but I love the calmness of it. It is relaxing and by
participating in these little sewing swaps it forces me to get
out of my comfort zone. I have joined a few more....but let me
finish them....and I will post about them later. Hope you
had an artfully creative day today. Blessings for a beautiful


My Blonde Moments - Sharon said...

Hi Hope,

Well this "swap" thing is pretty cool, I haven't heard of this before now.

I really enjoy your blog.


Sheila Rumney said...

After seeing your comment, I popped over to see you were involved in the mini sampler swap and sent in my request to participate! I can't wait to get my confirmation and start creating.

Yes, I did make the soldered house. I think I might have to make another one as I am just lovin' the first one. Thanks for poppin' by and saying hi.



Jill Sibbald said...

I am in this swap too Hope - just sitting down tonight to work on mine. . .then i remembered i should know a little bit about her first. hee hee. i wonder if it's you ? Have a blessed evening my friend.