Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Numerous Blog Responsibilities

I love having a blog. I love knowing that
really there are people out there who
read my blog....even though they never
post comments. That's okay....I lurk on a few
blogs too. I knew that when I first started
my blog there would come with it a
certain amount of responsibility. I love that too.
Recently I came home from a long hockey
weekend. Typically when I am gone I don't
post to my blog....or even check it. Sometimes....
I don't even follow blog etiquette and
post to all you wonderful friends out there in blog
land that I will be away. I know you all forgive me. So....I
was really excited to check my followers and found
that I had 3 new ones. I WAS so EXCITED!!! I check the first
new follower.....ummm really a sorted...checkered life she was
leading. Like stripper possibly....maybe swinger....ummm
looking for the kind of fun.....well the kind of fun this blog
isn't about. Check the next new follower....ummm...same
type of girl. most of my followers....these girls were
just beautiful....and shall I say also buxom if you know
what I mean. Well I politely just removed them from
my list of followers. I couldn't believe it. Actually....I was
wondering what they were seeing in my blog. a bolt
of LIGHTNING it struck me................................
.................................of course they were interested in
my blog. I was posting things like......I LOVE to SWAP!!!!
Check out the new SWAP I joined!!!!! My goal for 2011....join lot's of
new SWAPS!!!!! I was posting to my friend Kristin at Retro' Art Cafe
about her shrinky dink journal. I was excited because I had
purchased some shrinky dink paper over the holidays.
We were talking about how we hadn't done it in years and
how we were excited to take it to an 'adult craft'. Now.....see
how this is going????? Funny....I remember when I purchased
some frozen charlotte dolls from her.....she posted to me.....
'Hope.....your heads are on their way!!!' So....I'm just
saying...there are a lot of responsibilities to having a
blog.....I just never new some of them would be reading
between the lines. when I see I have a new
follower.....I check their references so to speak.
Do they really like a good that maximizes their
creative potential? Or are they the kind of person that wants to
SWAP?????:? Me....I am all about the creative potential....why just
today....I have been working on 3 swaps!!! I hope you have found
the humor in this....I know I got a good laugh! Blessings for
an artfully creative day.


Jan said...

HOLY COW....I need to be more careful myself! Niave me (and you apparently). I thought swap meant swapping art. Duh, well, my face is red!

I'm still laughing, but I'll be a bit more careful with my choice of words, too.


the gypsy magpie said...

oh my gosh- how you gave me a laugh!!! I just stumbled upon your blog this morning via HoldDear and whoa- I'm gonna be coming back to this daily! Thanks for the humor. And BTW- I love your work.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...


LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG....*covering my mouth laughing* I am SO naive that I wouldn't have even given it a second thought! YIKES! Thank you for the educational info today...I will start checking references too!!


My Arts Desire said...

Such good giggles. I think I found your blog thru Cherie and have enjoyed so much receiving your posts via of my google reader. I guess that makes me one of those lurkers. But just to clarify, I am only a lurker, not one of the new followers you had to eliminate! lol! xo, Sue

Tamatha said...

That was hilarious! It reminds me of the early days of chat rooms on aol and how easy it was for people to "proposition" you. I think it's a good thing we're all so niave!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh hope i admit i am a non commenter. I love ur blog and am a new official follower. please dont delete me.
you are soo funny. im gonna have to watch what i write . lol.

kana said...

I am following you know....and hey I think I am normal!! Ha!

stephanie said...

Crack me up! (oops should I not have used a word that means a certain drug??) Goodness gracious, how funny...

Jen Kershner said...

Hope that is just hilarious! I never thought to check my followers resumes but then again, I am not into the kinky stuff that you are!

Kim Hanauer said...

We all need to read your blog daily! Full of inspiration and now I love the humor! I never thought about "editing" my blog carefully. To most of our blog friends, we get each other....
Now, I would love to find out more about your swap team.
Thanks for making me laugh today- I needed it!

The Junque Seeker said...

Too funny! Who would ever have thought, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for making the rest of us aware, and for making our day with a good laugh!