Monday, January 31, 2011

My Little Hockey Man!

I have always loved being a hockey mom.....but having
the cute hockey jewels makes me love
it even more. Lisa (from Lola Rue) made me this awesome
piece. Well she didn't actually make it for me....
but I saw it in her shop and had to have it. It
is a vintage locker tag with the number 48 etched into
it. That's Lincoln's hockey number! On the back she
embellished it with vintage rhinestones. It is
absolutely stunning. We traded for it. I gave her one
of my felted necklaces and she gave me this!! All
the other hockey moms are so envious of me. So.....
now I am on the hunt for their boy's numbers.
Won't that be fun....we will be the envy of the
whole Buckeye League!

Isn't he just growing up????? He is just
changing so much. It seems just like yesterday
I was swaddling him in my arms. (He still let's
me hold him.....but mum's the word ok????)
I am really proud of him. He is turning out
to be just the young man I had always hoped he
would become. I can't believe he will be in
high school next year and playing varsity hockey.
I hope he gets to keep the number 48....but if not.....
at least I know where to get another cool necklace.
I hope you have a delightfully....energetic.....productive.....
& creative day. Blessings!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

that is fabulous! dont u just luv it when u receive something that has so much sentiment to you.
Hopefully he wont be embarrassed to know his MOM is posting pictures of hugs on the net. lol.

Cherie Wilson said...

Such fun Hope!! Love this post and all your posts. Yes, having fun but watching this crazy weather roll in........gathering food, candles and gas....taking good care. You too in this ice storm to come:) Lincoln might need that hockey gear just to get out the door tomorrow in this town! What a handsome guy:) XO

Heather said...

YOU are beaming ear to ear in that picture! I LOVE IT!!!! I feel like they are growing up so fast too...and mum is the word on the hugs!! Love the necklace too!!