Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Tragic Loss

I woke up yesterday all energetic & happy
to start the day. I was going to box
up & mail out my swap package to
Alanna George......then I read my
email. My dear friend & swap partner
Julie Baxley had endured a home fire. It
destroyed everything....all her personal affects.....
her home.... & her beloved fur children.....the
loves of her life. Her 2 cats. She is a beautifully
gifted artist. We attend Silver Bella together. Above
is a montage she created. It is lovely don't you think?

Here is a picture taken on our first night at
Silver Bella 2010. I was exhausted after a long day
of travel & SHOPPING....Julie looks full of life & smiles.
That's the way Julie is.....ALWAYS. She also always
wants to help & give. Our little Gnome friend was visiting
us....a token from Karla Nathan. She lost everything....yet
was more concerned with others. I found her commenting
on FB about others happiness....about the beauty of
others children. I would have been crying a pity party.
Not Julie. She....on the morning after the fire
was letting us know she wouldn't be mailing
off her Valentine's to us. Tragically....along
with everything she
owned they were
burned in the fire. That's Julie....worried
about our happiness. I just love her. I wish I
could carry this burden for her.

Here's another piece of this talented artist's work.
Julie is faithful. Her art reflects her faith. Yet
another quality that I adore about Julie.
I scored this awesome photo from Miss Jodie
at Everything Vintage. Which brings me to another
point of topic. I am writing about a friend who
has lost everything. Yet....I am able to find examples
of her work and cherished photos on the web. What a
marvelous tool in the face of something tragic. Also,
what a great way to let others who know Julie about her
loss & to give everyone who reads this a glimpse
into the artful soul of a beautiful & talented lady. I love
sharing these photos with you today.

Here is the ornament that she sent at Halloween. She
always personalizes things so nicely. Here....she added
a 'V' for Valita. I know that I treasure each of
her pieces. They are fun & thoughtful. Sending out
the package of Valentine Ornaments will be bittersweet.
Knowing that my beautiful ornament made by
Julie won't be in the bundle of lovelies.....destroyed
by fire....I know that box will be filled with love. Love
from all the swap ladies who lovingly create ornaments for
our sweet swap hosted by Alanna George. I am happy that
Julie will receive her ornaments from us....and I have added
a little commemoration extra about the fire. I guess
when you love your friends.... commemorating
the happy & sad moments is what life is all about. I know I
have come to love each of these ladies through their
art. If anyone reading this would like to know
where to send something to Julie, contact me here or
send me an email for her contact information. Blessings
for an artfully creative day.


Kim Hanauer said...

Oh, Hope, I met Julie and became instant friends! She bought a pocket purse from me at SB. Please email me where I can contact her. Thanks so much for blogging about her and letting us know about the fire.

stephanie said...

Julie is a dear friend to so many of us...When she enters a room, she brings with her such happiness, kindness, and FUN! Love that lady...

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
I know i was so bummed when i heard the news.
she has so many dear friends that are ready to help her out.
love her

Suz said...

I am so sad. Julie was my Silver Bella Big Sister. Just weep thinking of her fur babies. I wwt tp do something for her but I also don't have her address. Wouldmyou let me know when you find out? I wonder about replenishing some of her art supplies.

This is what life is all about, isn't it?


Lisa said...

I'd like her info too please. I'd love to help.
My heart is breaking for her.

Linda said...

That is so tragic! I remember her from SB, too.