Monday, January 10, 2011

I want Sparseness in my Life

I promise you that I have been very energetic
these past couple of weeks. I have been
so diligent at clearing out. I think they actually quit
taking donations at one of the smaller....more
quaint re-sale shops here in town because
I was taking in too much. The sign on the door
said 'No more donations until further notice!'
So I switched and started taking in more
to the Goodwill.

This is the kind of chaos that we have been
living in the last couple of weeks.
On one hand it feels great. On the other
hand it feels chaotic. It is really hard
to relax when you know you have such a mess
under foot. Which makes me start thinking about
my goals for 2011. Do you realize that by
achieving some of your goals you have to break
some of your goals? Like for the top
of my goals....and remember they weren't in any
particular order.....but let's face it they kind of are.
'Enter studio and create daily.'
It is really hard to do that when your studio is torn
up because you are re-organizing. But I am committed
to believing that you have to work all your goals.
So.....that is why I have been just adding little blurbs
into my blog.

....and the really funny thing about all this
donating and clearing out....
each time I pull into the local Goodwill
it about kills me not to go in. I want to
go in and shop. I am staying committed and focused
until I achieve the sparseness that I want. Then....and
only then will I feel that I have achieved my goal.
I hope that YOU are able to have an artfully
creative day....because I am going to have another
day of weeding out.
P.S. More dates with Jeff is last on my 2011 list of goals.
He certainly is not last on the list. So Jeff, if you
are reading this post....I love you honey!!!


Back At Ya Babe said...

LOL! You so cute. I love organizing because it feels so good after you have it all clean. And yes, I feel your pain. I want to go into the second hand spots every time I take something or when I'm driving by. Enjoy your day!

Kim Hanauer said...

You are such an inspiration to me! It`s so hard to get rid of the stuff we accumulate and then not use! I`m also taking the plunge to clean up and take to the Goodwill.
I`m of now to organize..... again!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Now that is a very inspiring post! I have been feeling the need for sparseness too. I always say it's a great feeling donating things we don't use so others that need them can!

You have inspired me to clean out the guest room tomorrow!!


Suz said...

You are amazing. I am going to get busy as soon as we get back. Much to get rid of here. I am so tired of accumulation when I don't really need "things."

Come and see Sheila Rumney on my blog!


Whosyergurl said...

I am working to get rid of, too. But although I just took some of my books to Half-Price in Indy, I left Half-Price with more books than I took in! And...I have a big donation for My Sister's Closet on Walnut, but went in there the other day and came out with three things!
Hope, you & I met at the Tri-Kappa show about 3 years ago. Not formally met, but I bought one of your pendants from you. (Robin on one side, brown bird on other side.) I was too chicken back then to introduce myself and say..."I'm one of your fans!"
Stay warm! XO, Cheryl

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Good for you Hope! I need to do this too!
P.S. your kids are lovely!