Thursday, January 6, 2011

Felted Flower Inspiration

I've been perusing the Internet getting excited about all
kinds of felted flowers. There are so many
great examples. They really inspired me to
get creative.

Since I took Betz White's felted frame class
at Silver Bella I can't get my hands
on enough wool. In fact.....part of the reason
I haven't been blogging about anything
I have created is because I haven't
created much since before Christmas.
I had to completely re-organize my
studio because wool has over come me. I can't
walk without tripping over felted wool sweaters.

Jeff brought me in 2 large....wonderful....
deep low shelves. I put in a center island so
I have a great work station with stools.
It seems when I come up with a great idea....
Jeff is right there along side of me complimenting
me and making my creative space so
much better. That is one of the many
reasons I adore him.

I think these were cut out with a sizzix.
I have used my sizzix to cut out some
very thin felted wool. It makes for
such a cute technique. If you scroll
back a few posts back you can actually
see my felted pin cushion rings. I cut those
out with the sizzix and also added
a felted ball that I embroidered some
french knots on.

These struck me as so cute. I think these
were probably wet felted.
I am not sure....but that is my take.
I will post pictures about the craft room
after it is finished. I can't wait for you
all to see the progress. It seems as
if we all want to see the spaces that we create
in more than what we actually create!
I know when people stop by they want to come
in to the studio more than any other
room in the house! Blessings for an
artfully creative day.


Back At Ya Babe said...

I'm loving the bright colors! This is inspiring me for a spring collection! I love that your hubby took care of your space...I have no room to store my wool...I keep making more and more hats, scarves, coffee cuffs and flowers to use up what I have so I don't have to store so many and then, I go to goodwill and buy more! It's a sickness. Your flowers are so adorable...what will ya do with them? Pins? Rings?

Kim Hanauer said...

Hi Hope!
Ooooh what sweet flowers you made! My goodness, you are so talented. I can see these on lots of projects! (Or maybe on a hat)...
Thanks for sharing!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

I'm on a wool kick too! I think it may have something to do with the weather. Loooove the flowers that you've been making! So pretty!

Jules said...

Thank you so much for putting my felted flowers on your blog along with the many beautiful and charming examples of other ones. I am just a novice but had a fun day creating these!