Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Jewelry Boxes....a Must!

I love a great vintage jewelry box! The
crushed velvet compartments
really make me jump for joy. What neat storage
vessels they become. What fun you can do
with them. I recently put this together to
send to someone....well someone I thought
needed a little pick me up. I think
she will be so happy when she opens it.
Lot's of trinkets & just all around fun!
I am ever so partial to a good pink or
blue box. These boxes...all though
originally used to store gloves make awesome
jewelry boxes too. I like to use them at
art shows to carry merchandise in....and then
use them as the actual display piece. I don't know
if patina is the right word for describing the way
a piece of fabric has aged....but these vintage
beauties have just that special 'patina' to them. What
kinds of things do you like to store your vintage
collections in? What would you send trinkets
to a friend in? Do you know just the right way
to make someone feel delighted with joy? I hope
you have an artfully creative evening. All the best that life
has to offer....and many blessings to you!


Gail said...

Are these jewelry boxes or lingerie boxes (roll up one's hosiery and put into compartments)? Either way, enjoy them.

Hope said...

The tag stated that they were glove boxes when I bought them as I stated in the post. There are no compartments in them. I love them and especially the colors.

kana said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful gift....I really love the jewelry box and all of the contents. Your jewelry is lovely (as usual)!

Kim Hanauer said...

Oh, Hope, I just love the way your beautiful creations drape over your satin quilted boxes!
I collect these too and love them!
Have a Blessed Sunday~
Kim :0)

Christine Edwards said...

Those lovely satin boxes are great. I need a couple for some of my old "junk" jewelry.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I have one vintage metal jewelry box and I just LOVE it. I have a really hard time finding the fabric ones.

Hope you are staying warm!!


Glamour said...

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Heather said...

I LOVE vintage jewelry boxes...I have more than I am willing to admit to my husband.And, I KNOW that I don't even have that many...just a dozen??? I use them for storing buttons, my own vintage jewels, teeny tiny little items for mixed media projects, etc. I love them!!! Yours are beautiful!!

Altered Paper said...

Those are beautiful boxes. I have not seen anything like them before. I never knew there were glove boxes,you learn something everyday! What a nice way to store your treasures. Teresa

Sue said...

I am TOTALLY addicted to vintage jewelry boxes and the satin covered lingerie boxes. I think my hubby is going to cut off my access to EBay soon! Have to say though that I do show some restraint - only cream, pink or bluish boxes (same for the linings). Of course then there's the green ones I get for my daughter.... Oh dear, I think I may need a support group :)


Laurie said...

Oh, I just passed one of those beautiful pink satin boxes up at an estate sale -- now I regret it when I see yours! They look so pretty stacked up like that! And your jewelry box with the compartments is wonderful!! What a treat for a special friend!