Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays as it happens in the spring, and since I live in Bloomington 'booming town' it is just gorgeous here. Sometime we get a cold snap, but this year we didn't and the Magnolia's are the best ever. The red buds are just starting to bloom and soon to follow will be the dogwoods. Here in Indiana we have not only white dogwoods but also pink dogwoods that grow wild, so they are not just ornamental. So in a few weeks we will have a sea of white, with the hint of just the palest pink. Currently we are in the 'spring green' time as my mother has always referred to it. It is when the leaves just start to bud out.

The eggs above are the eggs we decorated last year, but they were just the neatest eggs. We do alot of eggs, quite frankly because it is a cheap holiday tradition, but also because we just love hard boiled eggs. We have creamed eggs on toast, egg salad, deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs on salads, or just to eat one. I am not one to put hard boiled eggs in casseroles, or baked in meatloaves like I see, or even in tuna salad, but we do really love them. These hard boiled eggs were made using silk ties. We cut pieces of silk and wrapped the eggs tightly in the silk. Then we cut squares of old white tee shirts and tied them tightly using twist ties. Then we boiled them in a vinegar bath for 15 minutes. It was really fun to untie the boiled eggs to see the silk patterns set on the eggs. I don't know what we will do with our eggs this year, but I've got my mayo ready to tackle the best packaged chicken dinner around. Blessings for our celebration of Christ's Resurrection.