Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm on the road....again!

I know the title of my post makes me sound like a really whiny person...but hey...I have been on the road far too much. Since the beginning of November I have traveled so much I am blue in the face. Two times I have been out of the country. Have these trips been positive and rewarding experiences....ABSOLUTELY...but when my entire family decided on spring break 2010 I just really wanted to stay home. NOT...we are leaving in just a short while for Gulf Shores, Alabama. Welcome to my Spring Break destination. Actually, this trip will give me a little much needed R&R.

The tranquility of the beaches alone gives me peace. I want to curl up with some good books, of course all my Somerset magazines will be going with me. Vacations are usually where my creative juices really start flowing. I will also take along some sort of crafting materials. I haven't decided on the ones I am taking yet...but I am speculating that it will be a large assortment of fresh water pearls. I am really loving those gorgeous pastel colors and I am a pearl freak. Of course I will also take with me my sampler that I have been working on for six is my travel sampler and I work on it only during kids love the thought of where mom has worked on it. This year I have stitched in Canada & Poland and many U.S. states.

While I think these jelly fish are absolutely gorgeous to look at...I hope I don't see many. I love the translucency of them against the sand. I am such a beach seeker...I love what comes from the ocean floor and I love to go shelling. I don't find it much...but I love sea glass. Some beaches give you a lot, while other beaches it is none existent.

Our trip would not be complete if we didn't get to go to Lambert's....Home of the throwed rolls. Now these rolls practically melt in your mouth. When I was growing up...we didn't frequent billboard attractions...but Jeff & I love to pump the kids up for these things. I always wanted to go to the billboard attractions when I was a kid. The signs like "See Rock City" or "Stuckey's" to get a pecan roll or how about "See Ruby Falls"....never saw those things as a child, but I can tell you...I am seeing those billboard attractions as an adult. I am eating those pecan rolls, and it's not because I especially like's just that the billboard made me do it! So, when we see the first sign for Lambert's....home of the throwed rolls, I will be dreaming of their mouth watering rolls and getting hit in the head with one. See you when I get back!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Collecting!

I just love to collect things. I don't collect these silver mirrors, but who knows, someday I just might. I think they would be so pretty sitting in the bathroom. Or even hung on the wall in a grouping. I love to group interesting objects. The more the merrier for me.

I can just imagine what the worn beauty would look like on these vintage mirrors. All faded with brown marks where the mirror has worn off. I don't even think there could be anything more lovely than a worn old mirror. The patina is what I am about.

I also love old monograms. I don't even care if they match mine. I just like to pretend it is an old relative or an old friend. Part of the beauty of finding an old beauty like one of these mirrors is thinking about a more grand time when it might have been used. Was she getting ready for a first date....or was she getting ready to go to her first dance...maybe her wedding...or mayber her daughters wedding? That is so fun for me. Life isn't so grand these days...but I bet these mirrors were adored. So who knows where my next antique adventure might take me...but maybe just maybe I might find a beauty similar to one of these. After all the hunt is half the fun.