Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An RV Trip

Ok...I am not thrilled with the idea my family has come up with. No.....not in the least. At least we get to be together so that is the most important thing right???

Today.....Jeff came in with huge arms full of 'dirty' laundry from the RV. 'You need to wash these things.' Nicely folded from the last jaunt....I said 'They are clean.' He said there are spiders and things out there in the that really makes me excited about spending a week in there.

All in all it will be a fun trip. Relaxing and crafting because I never leave home with out my crafts. Lindsey & Lincoln are excited because we can 'tether' all of their computers, phones, and the Wii. that means I can read all of my favorite blogs. Ok....this RV thing is sounding better all the time. I won't have all the mundane household doldrums lurking around because hey.....this RV thing is Jeff's baby. He gets to do all the work....cause I'm on VACATION!!!

I will let you know if this will become a family tradition when I get home....but until then....wish me luck in my little home away from home.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alana George's Easter Swap

Shortly after Easter, Alana George contacted some of us Silver Bella Sister's to see if we wanted to participate in a pre-Silver Bella Swap. I.....JUMPED at the chance. I love a great swap....and what a special way to connect with artists all over. Alana explained that she was unable to attend Silver Bella this year (BOO) but wanted to stay connected with the Bella's. Here is the ornament I created. I started with a linen yoyo and added some vintage lace with some vintage book paper. It was simple and fun. I can't wait to get started on my Halloween ornament for Alanna's next swap!

This cutie was made by the lovely Heather Rowley of Speckled Egg. I just love the little rossette made from fabric. I am seeing these pop up in all kinds of creations lately. I just think they are special....I need to learn the technique. Thanks Heather for a wonderful ornament.

Now this is a treasure for sure. Lindsey, Lincoln & I squealed with delight when we opened this one. I really love that they get excited about my swapping too. As each layer of tissue is unveiled they are just as happy as me. Valita Baxley created this felted bunny! It really is a special creation. She is taking felting to new levels and I just love how she did this one three dimensional. Thanks Valita for a treat for years to come.

I think this one created by my dear friend Stephanie Oyler over at Crowns & Pearls is totally sweet!!! I love the ledger paper and the pink velvet ric rack! It is so sweet that she used a match box for her creation. The little chick tags are sweet as well! Thanks Stephanie for a special ornament I will enjoy for years to come.
Now....since my blogging skills aren't quite up to par....enjoy my next two posts with the rest of the the awesome ornaments. Some day I will get this whole blogging experience....but until then....bare with me pretty please. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Alana George's Easter Swap

Shortly after Easter, Alana George contacted several Silver Bella Sister's to see if we wanted to participate in a pre-Sivler Bella she couldn't attend Silver Bella this year (BOO). Here is what Jessi Nagy created....isn't it too cute. Stephanie Oyler's (Crowns & Pearls) daughter Meg especially loved this one. She wanted it for her very own to display in her room. Thanks Jessi for a cute ornament!

This is a cutie made by Rachel Velder of rach-ology. Yoyo's sure seem to be the rage in projects lately. What a fun....old time.....craft.

This cutie with buttons was created by Angela Carignan....Alana's sister. If I am correct.....this was her first swap. I hope she joins more....they are so fun!

Oh I just squealed with delight when I saw this one from the oh so talented Julie Baxley. Isn't the dotted swiss skirt just too cute. Thanks Julie....I just love this so much.

I thought this was an interesting take on a Spring ornament. Made into a little banner.....what a darling idea. I can't wait to pin this to the branches of my Spring tree next Easter. This lovely was created by the ever so talented Melissa Danner.

Alana George's Easter Swap

Sometime shortly after Easter, Alana George contacted several of us Silver Bella Sister's letting us know that she wouldn't be attending Silver Bella this year (BOO) and asked if we might want to be in a Spring Ornament Swap....well if you all know me...I jumped at the chance. Since it was after Easter....we had plenty of time to create & take advantage of the Easter savings we might find a local hobby stores. I love the connections we all got to make. Here is the ornament that Alana is so adorable.

I wanted to create a replica of a vintage sugared egg and lo & behold....Miss Lynn (Lesback) of Create/Breathe did just that. I LOVE what she did & find it just precious! Miss Lynn is a passionate Christian and I jumped at the chance to participate in her & her sister's Faith Hope Love swap at Silver Bella. Love you Lynn!

Just look at this sweat little bunny! Created in the beautiful shades of Easter I just love what Robin Sanchez did for spring. Her packaging was just was like a little waxed paper clutch....too cute. Thanks Robin for an adorable ornament.

This little cutie was created by Bianca Gaspard of The Paper Playground. It is so sweet and delicate. Glittered in all the right places.

I absolutely loved this little cutie from Shawn Street. Oh and the packaging was so cleverly incorporated!!! Just a little bundle of cuteness!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paris Inspiration Box

I just love participating in Heather.....from Speckled Egg's matchbox swaps. The themes that she chooses make it even more fun. I LOVED doing the Paris Inspiration Box. This is the one that I sent to my partners. I love the glitter Eiffel Tower....I got it from Speckled Egg and glittered it up with some German Glass Glitter.

Here is the loot that I sent. I LOVE filling up the little boxes with inspiration items for my swap partners. I kind of went with a cream theme with a few splashes of color. My favorite thing that I added to the box were my hand dyed tags....I have always wanted to coffee dye tags and this was just the push I I wanted to use some of the infinite number of rubber stamps that I have purchased over the years. God love my husband....he never complains about all my crafting supplies....but you can know that when I actually use the stuff he gives a sigh of relief.

Here is just some of the wonderful loot that Karen sent from Recycledrita. The French flash cards were the bomb. And the beautiful laces she sent were wonderful.

Here is Karen's pretty box. I just loved how she adhered the French paper onto the box. It was so simple....yet sophisticated. I adored it.

And this was Natalea's from Kandeland beautiful box. Her attention to detail was breath taking. And the little Eiffel tower charm she added was the perfect addition. My favorite part of the box was the wonderfully handcrafted fabric flower. It just added the most perfect touch. If you haven't been involved in a swap.....these match box swaps from Speckled Egg are just too fun. I highly recommend signing up for her next one.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Treasure for the Treat Bag

I have always been the mom who LOVED making the treat bags for the birthday parties. I always knew that the kids loved them....but I never knew I would love creating them as much as I did. But I know one thing for sure....I still love to get a treat bag.....even at age 44. So I jumped at the chance to be a part of Art & Communion.....Shea & Debbie's AWESOME event over at What Happen's Next. Shea & Debbie contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would like to be a sponsor and donate a 'special' treat for their 'treat bag'. First of all....I was just immensely honored that they thought of ME.....and second of all.....have you checked out their blog lately???? And all the cool stuff they are up to? Let alone that they live in a church and hold all these cool art retreats there???? So this is just a little snippet of what I made to give. It is a test tube filled with all kinds of neat treats to create with. Buttons.....rhinestones.....trinkets galore.....vintage fun!!!!!! All prettied up with a velvet leaf & an adorable tiny Frozen Charlotte. So I hope all the participants that are SO lucky to attend this special event enjoy my addition to the 'treat bag'.