Monday, June 6, 2011

High School Graduation Gifts

I have always loved high school graduation
time.....but never as much as
this year......2011. This was the year of
Lindsey's graduation. It was so fun
to see where her friends were going to

In honor of that.....I decided to make the girls
pendants with their college of choice.
It was fun to find all the different college logos.
It was fun to find out where each of the
girls were going to school. It personalized
it for me....and gave me a chance to talk
to the girls one on one. I liked that. As a mom,
it made me feel connected.

I made bookmarks with their high school
graduation date. I put 'Love, The Ellington's'
on the back. I just love personalizing things. I think
it is special. Since I couldn't give the boys pendants
I just gave them money. I don't think they felt
slighted....I guess I could have made them college
key rings or something. It was fun going to all
the graduation parties this weekend. I loved passing
out the gifts.....and I think Lindsey did too.