Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Got It & Can't Put it Down

Look what I got in the mail today. It was
a happy mail day. get my family fed
because I am having trouble putting it down.
This will definitely help me with my
workout tomorrow. I can read & ride. What a
great combination don't you think? I hope you
have an artfully creative evening.
Blessings to you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Cute Little Sampler Swap

I joined Linda's from a Swap for All Season's sampler
swap and really came out of my comfort zone.
I have professed my love of stitching.....but creating
for a one on one and making a sampler
none the less....left me a little worried.
Here is what I my husband said....It
sure has a lot of elements. I like to add a little of
this and a little of that to my creations. Essentially.....
I love how it turned out.

My swap partner is Christine Edwards. She is re-doing
her bedroom in blues...creams & browns and
she wants to put her sampler in the new decor'.
If that isn't enough to make someone nervous! She
has a lot of faith in me I guess. This is a little snippet
of a favorite area of the sampler. I stitched my little
flower bouquet on cream wool. I used robins egg
blue freshwater pearls and stitched in green. I went
up and around the stems with my floss....and
this was a first time technique for me. I adore
how it turned out and will try this again
and again.

Here is another close up of a section I
just absolutely adore. I used a
crocheted drapery thing-ey and used that
as my little frame for the cute little nameless baby. Didn't it work out
perfectly? I stitched it onto hand dyed velvet
and used a tan linen flax to stitch with.
I am pretty smitten with this little panel....I
hope Christine loves it as much as I do!! Also.....
couldn't resist adding a frozen Charlotte!!
These are becoming a little like Hope's
signature statement.

When Lindsey came home from school she saw
the little sampler all completed and posing
on a cake plate. She said....Awwww that is
so pretty. She was really happy when she noticed
I had happily stitched in some of her hand-made
paper beads. I secretly have been eyeing them
since she made I used them! I guess
I will just have to try my hand at making her
some more. Won't that be a dreaded chore? I am
thinking vintage ledger paper.....vintage sheet music.....
and vintage French book papers....what do
you think? I hope you have an artfully creative day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Lovelies

I have been participating in Alanna George's
Pre-Silver Bella swap since it's inception.
We are having a great time getting to know
one another while we create lovely ornaments to send.
This adorable pink heart looks awesome on the tree.
It was created by Terri Gordon.

This little lovely was created by Stephanie Oyler.
I love the burlap and the doily and the life
changing rosette flower we learned from
Betz White.

This adorable soldered ornament was created
by Shawn Street. Look at her lovely soldering....
it is soooo smooth. Way to go Shawn.

And this wonderful quilted heart was made
by Sara Velder. It is a real show stopper on the
tree. I hope you have enjoyed these Valentine's
Day Lovelies. For the rest of the ornaments check the next
2 posts.....I can't figure out the way to add more photos
than five.....I'm getting there though.

Valentine's Day Lovelies

Look at this sweet ornament from the swap
I participate in hosted by Alanna George. I adore
this cute talent that was created by Robin Sanchez.

And this darling red creation by Rachel Velder.
Simplistic & the splash of red shows up so well.

This cute little snowman.....yes it certainly is
still winter here in Indiana....was created by
Melissa Danner.

This little girl made me happy the moment
I saw her....just like her creator Miss Lynn Lesback.

This what I sent....a little soldered diamond
with a glass glittered heart.

Valentine's Day Lovelies

I want to give you some photos of the latest
swap ornaments I received. I am in what we
call a Pre-Silver Bella Swap that is hosted by the
lovely Miss Alanna George. This cute ornament was made
by Colleen MacDonald.

This cutie was made by Bianca Gaspard.
I love the way it dangles on the tree.

This darling ornament was made by the
hostess herself. Miss Alanna George.

This sweet heart stuffed with vintage paper
was created by Jessi Nagy...aka Scrappy Jessi.

The detail on this adorable felted penguin
is the creative talent of Valita Baxley.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Valentine Inspiration of Sorts

Here are a few Valentine silhouettes I hand cut. There
are several that aren't Valentine.....but
still there is a theme. These are
at Lola Rue & I love how they are
displayed. She is always re-arranging so
things always look fresh and new.

Here is my silhouette wall in my kitchen.
They grace my stair way. I love the black....
red....and white. I know it is more bold
than a lot like these days.....
but the red just gives the silhouettes
a punch. I LOVE the contrast.

Here is another shot. I plan to add more.
Most are hand cut by me.....but some
are guest artists. Like Lincoln made me
some. He gave me the turkey silhouette for
mothers day a few years back......
and then there are the kitties that Lindsey
hand cut for me. Some are old
and have no artist signature. I love those too.
Some are of me when I was a little girl.
Then there are the hand cut ones
of Lindsey & Lincoln from Disney World.
I love that old world charm. A few are
from Lincoln when he was in pre-school. It brings
joy to me to see these. I hope you like this little
bit of quaint charm. Get out your scissors & see
what you can cut. It is timeless & classic.
Blessings for an artfully creative evening.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craft Room Inspiration Snippettes

I know that I never tire of looking at
craft room inspiration. So
I thought I would give you another
peek into my craft room. It is chock full
of snippets of lace....bits-n-bobs.....
and general loveliness.

Don't tell anyone in my family.....
but it's my favorite room
in the entire house. I corral my vintage bling
in these old printers trays. I
love looking at them this way.
I don't know if being this organized
helps or hinders me in creating.
Sometimes I just can't seem to quit looking.

I always want to use these blocks.
I never get around to it though.
I love how they just seem to
have a place here with me. And that
velvet ribbon. YUMMY. I got that
at Anthopologie. I love to shop stores
that sell creative things.....other
than just clothes and accessories.

I love my giant spool of cotton string.
I use it mostly to hold my
favorite paintbrushes. But it is
always at the ready to tie up
some brown paper packages.

And I have often said how special
my little bundles of tags & journals
are to me. They would probably
be some of the first things I were to
gather if devastation struck. Signed little
pieces of artwork that inspire me.
I hope that you have enjoyed a little
peek into my favorite room in
the house. I hope it inspires you to
have an artfully creative day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Isn't she Lovely!!!!!

Isn't she just too pretty. I received this altered bottle
swap in the mail yesterday. Jennifer Babcock
of Covered In Glitter made her for me. Jennifer was
my Silver Bella Lil' Sis. I couldn't have received
a prettier bottle! I adore her & will treasure
her always.

This is the pretty embellishment Jennifer added.
It is the dolls necklace. I love it.
It just glistens gold sparkle.

Here is the sweet card that Jennifer made
for me. I love the sparkly heart.
The sentiment is dear to me.

As a gift to me....she sent these wonderful
rubber stamps. I adore 'letters'. How
did she know? Actually....with all
the things out there in the world with
'Hope' on them.....I don't have many. This is
such a special touch. I love it all Jennifer.
We are in the midst of a gigantic ice storm.
We are staying put and enjoying yet
another snow day. Crafting. Reading. Cooking.
Video Gaming. Working out. I just love a
good snow day. Blessings for an
artfully creative & productive day.