Friday, October 28, 2011

Psalm 23 Silhouette Ornaments.....

As many of you know.....I love silhouettes. I love the simple black & white. I think black & white compliments so many colors.

They are Psalm 23 silhouettes. The Lord is my Sheppard. I love this verse. It is so special to me because it was special to my grandmothers. Psalm 23 was recited at each of their funerals.

The background paper has part of the scripture written on it. I love the little lamb & the little boy. What a sweet...gentle reminder of a beautiful scripture. These silhouette ornaments will look sweet on all your Christmas trees. I hope you have an artfully creative day....and thanks for stopping by to check out my latest creation. Blessings.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things.....

I have really enjoyed stitching the past couple of months. I had so much fun using this little snippet of a doily as a frame for a long forgotten child. I love to buy old vintage cabinet cards & 'love' those long forgotten faces....that were once loved so dearly. Since stitching has become a favorite craft these days it' s fun to see what others put into their stitch work.

This truly is one of my favorites of all time. I have done this numerous times now. I love how the little pearls look like flowers. I just think the wrapped stems are really fun. It is neat to look at old stitching's and look at the intricate stitching that was done. I can only pray that I become that proficient in my skills.

Adding something that you wouldn't expect has been really fun too. Here are some beads that I found in the craft room that Lindsey has long forgotten. She made them....and there they were sitting....for me to use in my art. I just love vintage book was a fun if I can just get her to make some more! Are you stretching your imagination today....are those of you in Colorado enjoying your snowy day??? What are you creating today? I hope my stitching is a source of inspiration for you. May your day be filled with comfort & joy. Blessings.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Little Trinkets.......

I am the girl who looks through the last box at an auction or an estate sale. Jeff is even worse than I am. But oh the treasures I find. I adore all old medals....old buttons with interest....old coins.

When you are a collector like accumulate. It doesn't hurt that I love to shop & I will dig through to find just that perfect piece. Like the doggie above. That is my favorite. The funniest thing about these go crazy for them. They love to look at all the nostalgia. Jeff thinks these are the neatest thing that I create. I hope that you are artfully blessed & enjoy your is beautiful here in the mid-west. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's coming.....but what is it?

Just a little snippet of something I have been working on. It took a while but it has been a very rewarding experience. will see my creation in full. But what is it? Can you guess?

I have worked with some extremely talented people. The experience has been awesome because of it. I have learned & I have grown. Any more guesses on what I have created??

Some vintage scrap here....some vintage scrap there. The hoarder must use all her stash at some point in her life. Here....some vintage green upholstery fabric I found in an abandoned house. I have used this fabric in numerous projects and swaps. Perhaps you have received something I have made with it??

What oh what will this be......can you guess yet? Do you like the supplies I have worked with? Are these the colors of your Christmas Celebration?? Lately.....I have been anything but traditional....that's what I love about art. You can be anything but traditional. I hope this little snippet has inspired you today. Do have an artfully creative day. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Button Card Swap......

When I went to Karla's Cottage in April for her Bird Song Event I had the most glorious time. Part of an art retreat is creating & crafting....but the other part & probably the biggest reason I go is the friends you make. I met one such lady & we have blogged & emailed to one another a little over the past months. Tami Hacker is that said lady. Since Bird Song, not only did she start a blog...but she hosted a swap. I entered her 'No Harm Button Swap' and had the best time creating my Button Card.

I don't think I followed her rules entirely because I don't think we had to make a button card....rather anything using at least 5 buttons in a 'no harm' way. Any hoo.....I LOVE what I created. Any time I can use old buttons & vintage ledger paper together....I'm all over it. I might even make some more of these button cards to high light some of my favorite buttons as well. Kind of like baseball cards.....Everyone knows by now....that I love collecting & high lighting my collections.

My Swap Partner was Pam Kenney....she should have received her button card in the mail yesterday. I really hope she likes it. That is always what makes me nervous about swapping is knowing if what you make your partner 'thrills' her. She doesn't have a blog for me to really get to know hopefully I sent a gift she will love.

I chose this vintage ledger paper because of Mrs. Eastabrook. My elementary school music teacher had this name. I have such fond memories of her music class....she turned misbehaving students into musicians & always made a wrong a right. I love a teacher that can do that. Here's to you Mrs. Eastabrook...thanks for inspiring me musically as well as knowing how to turn wrongs into rights. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my art today. I hope you are blessed in a creative way today.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Glimpse Into.......(SHHHHH) powder room.....

I am an avid collector. I began collecting these Frozen Charlotte's about 15 years ago. I didn't even know what they were....I just knew that I loved them. I didn't know there was a huge group of artists out there who loved them as well. I love groupings. I love to buy old shelves & old cubicles to place my collections in. I have turned my entire family into a group of collectors too. The following photographs are taken in of all powder room......I don't invite many you are a privileged few.

When I was a child my mother always did up a printers tray with 'dinkies' for all the holidays. I would stare in wonder & amazement at all the cute seasonal things. She would always say.....'Everything fits in this world.' She meant there was a place for everything. I am the master of making everything fit. You could even classify me as 'over organized'. I have one of everything & prove this quite frequently with my family & art friends. Last spring, Stephanie over at Crowns & Pearls came over for a day of lunching and crafting. She tearfully began.....'I forgot my glasses & now I won't be able to craft!'. No worries I said.....what strength of 'cheaters' do you need....I am sure I have a pair. Of course I did. I have been collecting old medicine tins since I was first married. I just love the old vintage patina that they have accumulated over the years. Here is just a small sampling of my collection.

I wish that my 'favorite' necklace was displayed like this when it isn't around my neck. But it isn't. I love how the silver looks spectacular with the glass. Glass bottles....didn't even realize I collected them until this post.....but there you have it.

.....and pearls. I love my strands.....& strands of pearls. Browns....pinks.....grays....greens. I love them all. Now....really....I won't classify these as a collection....all though some might.

A little vignette in my bathroom. Hey....I know it's not perfect....but I really use this stuff. I house my face powder in that old powder jar. It is truly one of my favorite things. Very handy too....just the right amount of powder due the the screen that came in it. I just love that feature. Thanks so much for stepping into my powder room. Glad you came in for a visit. I hope you have an artfully creative & wonderful day.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little 'French' Country......

I have always just loved little peat pots. I created with them a lot in the 90's and fashioned them into little candy cups. Well I don't really need to eat candy any more and my taste has definitely changed to a more sophisticated style. I love that about art. How you just grow....& keep growing.

I decided to try my hand making these look a bit like linen. I just love the brown peat the way it turned out. I adore the vintage French book paper.

So....since my creative palette has changed.....& my food palette has changed....I decided I would fill these cups with hand made soap.

This soap was so fun to make. I followed my daughter Lindsey's lead. Her soap is a family & friends favorite. I just have oodles of lavender....and oodles of strawberry seeds. I added these ingredients for the exfoliating properties. This soap takes all the glue & grime my hands are constantly covered in.....completely off. I scented the soap with my favorite scent......Vanilla.

Then as a cushion....I added hand made spaghetti.....not really.....but it sure felt like I was working with noodles. I had a lot of fun making my hand made 'shred'. My husband thought I had completely lost my mind. He said "Can't you just go to Wal-mart and buy that shredded tissue".....not if I wanted mine to look 'French' Country. I hope you have a wonderfully creative day. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....

Little did I know that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last Friday I went in for my yearly mammogram. I don't dread getting a mammogram.....I dread scheduling it & then showing up for the actual event. I don't know why???? Sira Imaging where I go shows dignity....provides comfort....& they are so on schedule that it is very convenient. In & out. They had a table set up in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. They provided me with a ticket to drop in the gold fish bowl & possibly I might be a prize winner of some really cool 'PINK' stuff. I couldn't resist asking if they might like a few more's what I came up with & took in for additional prizes. I think they are sweet & cute. Two weeks ago, my close friend Shelley lost her mom to breast cancer. Her son is Lincoln's best friend from elementary school. He took it really hard. He is the star quarterback on the freshman football team....I have always loved to watch him play! He placed a pink breast cancer sticker on his helmet when his Grandmother was in her last days.....the referee broke the rules and let him keep it on his helmet. We all thought that was really neat. I gave Shelley a pendant & she broke down & cried. She was really touched....and didn't even know it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please dear readers....if you haven't had your yearly mammogram....schedule it today! Don't delay.....early detection is essential. Sometimes I have the tendency to blow things off. This is something we should never blow off. I recently told my father this....about my blowing off tendency. He is a retired physician. He begged me to not ever blow this off. My dad doesn't react like that about all things. Note to self....'If dad is serious about this....I MUST be serious about this.' Don't delay....pick up the phone...and schedule your appointment today!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Chicks.......

Well as excited as I am you would think that I hatched these cuties myself. The word 'grandma' has crossed my mind. These little sweeties were hatched sometime yesterday. The eggs were nestled under momma the night before & we had chicks the next day. Our momma hen hatched 5 of the most adorable little chicks. We had chicks this spring, but we used a heat lamp to keep them warm. This momma was one of our baby chicks this spring. In less than 6 months we have our very own little hatchlings. We are so excited to see Gods work unfold before our very eyes. The miracle of life is such a joy to see. Lincoln said it is so neat to see that the momma knew exactly what to do even though she made it in life her first few months with a heat lamp & not her real mother. I think that is neat too. I am so glad I get to share this journey of life with Lincoln. It is awesome to see his compassion & joy in experiencing life.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handmade University.....debriefed

In September I had the awesome pleasure of traveling to Omaha with my wonderful friend Stephanie of Crowns & Pearls. We attended Rachel Velder's Handmade University. It was phenomenal. Here you see how we were greeted by the lovely & creatively talented Michelle Gellar & Rachel. It was Handmade everything was school themed....hence the chalkboard!!!

We were taught how to make real books and learned (because it was school) everything you ever needed to know about a book. But just like how it was when I was in 'real' school....I have forgotten all the technical stuff....and just remember how to do the method. I am a hands on learner.....and Michelle showed us each step beautifully. I was the question ask in the group....of course.....but I really wanted to learn how to make the book. Each student was very creative & talented. I rekindled old friendships....& made new friends too!!

Rachel taught the next was making a quilt block. It was so fun. We were given an artists canvas and then sky was the limit. I saw painted quilts....& stitched quilts....& then some that didn't even really look like quilts. That's the beauty of an art retreat. So many talented ladies doing what they do best.....creating. Mine is in the forefront....and looks bling-ey. Would an art project I make be complete without a frozen charlotte or two???? Someday I will show you a close is really quite cute.

I loved Handmade U so much that when I came home I immediately began an art journal for my niece for her birthday. I didn't want to forget how to make the I had to use what I learned right when I got home. It was really wonderful using all the supplies I had at home. I added candy, & gift cards, and toys & trinkets, a few hair clips attached to the pages. It was so fun to make for her....and the best part....she will want me to teach her how to make one for herself. The one on the left is the one I made at Handmade U. See those little polka dot tabs???? That is the Japanese masking tape that Michelle Gellar has made famous!!!! Stephanie & I fell in love with it and used it a lot at Handmade U. I think we bought every color so we could swap & share when we got home.

We stayed at Minglewood Lodge. It was a wonderful place. Very comfortable and conducive to creating. Very well thought out. Our lovely teachers exhausted us with many methods & much so that Michelle Early & I had to host 'Starbucks'. We made everyone Caffe Mochas complete with sound affects to mimic Starbucks. I can't wait until second semester see what my wonderful new teachers can come up with to teach me!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey Football Fans....

Hi Blog Friends....I have been away for awhile....and I
have missed you! I have been having so much fun & enjoying
fall & all the fall related FOOTBALL.
Check out the cute new soldered pendants I created for a
friend & her little girl. They are going to love them.
Just the perfect amount of bling for them.

Another fun thing that I got to do was attend Handmade U. More
on that later. It was a great time. Michelle Gellar & Rachel Velder
inspired me beyond belief! So much so that I came home and spent
a week organizing my craft room so I can create to my little hearts
desire....and make some great things!

I hope you have an inspiring & beautifully creative afternoon!