Sunday, October 23, 2011

Button Card Swap......

When I went to Karla's Cottage in April for her Bird Song Event I had the most glorious time. Part of an art retreat is creating & crafting....but the other part & probably the biggest reason I go is the friends you make. I met one such lady & we have blogged & emailed to one another a little over the past months. Tami Hacker is that said lady. Since Bird Song, not only did she start a blog...but she hosted a swap. I entered her 'No Harm Button Swap' and had the best time creating my Button Card.

I don't think I followed her rules entirely because I don't think we had to make a button card....rather anything using at least 5 buttons in a 'no harm' way. Any hoo.....I LOVE what I created. Any time I can use old buttons & vintage ledger paper together....I'm all over it. I might even make some more of these button cards to high light some of my favorite buttons as well. Kind of like baseball cards.....Everyone knows by now....that I love collecting & high lighting my collections.

My Swap Partner was Pam Kenney....she should have received her button card in the mail yesterday. I really hope she likes it. That is always what makes me nervous about swapping is knowing if what you make your partner 'thrills' her. She doesn't have a blog for me to really get to know hopefully I sent a gift she will love.

I chose this vintage ledger paper because of Mrs. Eastabrook. My elementary school music teacher had this name. I have such fond memories of her music class....she turned misbehaving students into musicians & always made a wrong a right. I love a teacher that can do that. Here's to you Mrs. Eastabrook...thanks for inspiring me musically as well as knowing how to turn wrongs into rights. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my art today. I hope you are blessed in a creative way today.


Tami Hacker said...


Thank you for your kind words! I am so delighted you participated in this swap, enjoyed it and loved what you created!

I love your vintage ledger & button card - two things that don't go together, but together create a warm reflection of yesteryear.

Hugs, Tami

Suz said...

Those are beautiful, Hope. Ledger paper and beautiful beads. Wonderful! I think your photos are really good, too~

Beth Leintz said...

That combination of vintage buttons and the ledger paper is just beautiful- I'm sure Pam will love it.

Laurie said...

I *love* your card -- I hope you make more! I feel the same way: it's an amazing way to highlight your buttons and enjoy them on display!

Kim Hanauer said...

What a beautiful button card! You are truly a collector of vintage and beautiful things. I know your swap partner will love it!

The Junque Seeker said...

Your card is just beautiful! She's sure to love it. The buttons are lovely and old ledger paper is hard to resist.