Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handmade University.....debriefed

In September I had the awesome pleasure of traveling to Omaha with my wonderful friend Stephanie of Crowns & Pearls. We attended Rachel Velder's Handmade University. It was phenomenal. Here you see how we were greeted by the lovely & creatively talented Michelle Gellar & Rachel. It was Handmade everything was school themed....hence the chalkboard!!!

We were taught how to make real books and learned (because it was school) everything you ever needed to know about a book. But just like how it was when I was in 'real' school....I have forgotten all the technical stuff....and just remember how to do the method. I am a hands on learner.....and Michelle showed us each step beautifully. I was the question ask in the group....of course.....but I really wanted to learn how to make the book. Each student was very creative & talented. I rekindled old friendships....& made new friends too!!

Rachel taught the next was making a quilt block. It was so fun. We were given an artists canvas and then sky was the limit. I saw painted quilts....& stitched quilts....& then some that didn't even really look like quilts. That's the beauty of an art retreat. So many talented ladies doing what they do best.....creating. Mine is in the forefront....and looks bling-ey. Would an art project I make be complete without a frozen charlotte or two???? Someday I will show you a close is really quite cute.

I loved Handmade U so much that when I came home I immediately began an art journal for my niece for her birthday. I didn't want to forget how to make the I had to use what I learned right when I got home. It was really wonderful using all the supplies I had at home. I added candy, & gift cards, and toys & trinkets, a few hair clips attached to the pages. It was so fun to make for her....and the best part....she will want me to teach her how to make one for herself. The one on the left is the one I made at Handmade U. See those little polka dot tabs???? That is the Japanese masking tape that Michelle Gellar has made famous!!!! Stephanie & I fell in love with it and used it a lot at Handmade U. I think we bought every color so we could swap & share when we got home.

We stayed at Minglewood Lodge. It was a wonderful place. Very comfortable and conducive to creating. Very well thought out. Our lovely teachers exhausted us with many methods & much so that Michelle Early & I had to host 'Starbucks'. We made everyone Caffe Mochas complete with sound affects to mimic Starbucks. I can't wait until second semester see what my wonderful new teachers can come up with to teach me!!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

This looks like it was so much fun!!

I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits. I am way behind since I have been doing shows and traveling. I am just SO glad to be home!!!

I have missed you!!!


Maija said...

So much fun, and what a great group of women to play with!!! Hope, I am laughing just imagining what you girls sounded like making Starbucks noises!!

Cherie Wilson said...

Can't wait to see what you made, up close and personal! So glad your time with Artsy valuable! and that washi tape, love, love it!

Kim Hanauer said...

Don`t you just love making books? The journals you made are great, Hope! It sure looked like you all had a blast!
Hope we can get together in the near future~

Kris and Evie said...

Hope: That looks like lots of fun. And what a great aunt you must be! Love the Halloween book, with candy inside too! Kris

Laurie said...

How fun, Hope! I loved hearing about Handmade U! I hope I get to go someday -- but what can beat Michelle Gellar?