Monday, August 31, 2009

Another person's treasure

Usually it happens to it didn't. I am usually the person who rescues someones junk & turns it into my TREASURE. Over the summer my aunt came to visit and rescued this 'new' dress form from me. Not the dress form all of us Bella's covet...the old vintage paper board worn and just begging to be draped in lace and specially created jewels. This was the cast off...the falling over...polyester covered dress form. I had it & I didn't want it. She gladly took it off my hands...and I was thrilled to get it out of my house. Today she sent me the picture of my old 'trash' & her new 'treasure'. She asked if it was done & is there anything else she could do with it? The only answer I could think of was...."Why yes...send it back to me!!!" Have you ever wrongly gotten rid of your trash only later to see it turned to treasure? I hope this finds you well and thinking more carefully of your trash.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apothecary in my bathroom

It seems funny to me while reviewing my blog...but most of my posts have been about my bathrooms. When I started thinking about the uncanniness of being especially happy with the decorating of my bathrooms I started laughing out loud. My house has literally been torn up for 1 1/2 years while we have been renovating our kitchen. The process has gone in huge waves and this wave has been the hardest to deal with. No stove for going on 2 months now....but when it is finished it is going to be worth the wait. So until then I will photograph little vignettes of decorations in my bathrooms. I love the way the light has captured the beauty of these old bottles. The soft colors are so pretty. I am enamored with old bottles...the way the glass has become etched with age. What things enamor you? Maybe an old bottle, old rhinestones, old buttons or just a silly old box. Have a wonderfully happy day enjoying some vintage beauty.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pantaloon Buttons

On a recent antiquing trip with my husband in Illinois we found this awesome antique shop called Winter Wheat Antiques. This place might have well been called a museum because they had some of the neatest papers, old ledgers, books and just really neat old stuff. The purpose for my antiquing weekend was really to accumulate some vintage crafting supplies to fill some stash swaps I am participating in for Silver Bella this coming November. The best part about this shop was that they were having a sale... and everything over $20 was fifty percent off....I can't resist a sale so I went hog wild. One of the most interesting things I discovered was this old box. Pantaloon Buttons. I just couldn't seemed so funny to me. The owner and I got such a chuckle. I hope this gives you a chuckle.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Vintage

I love the simple elegance of these special bottles. One of my dearest Silver Bella Sister's & friend Lisa Orme made these. She has a little shop here in Bloomington IN called Lola Rue & Co. and it is a treat. It is very hard for me to buy these bottles and I have to sneak to do it...because she usually just tucks them in the bag and won't charge me for them. She likes to give just because gifts. I like to support her by purchasing her creations. I picked up the string because I love the color and it looks dreamy with the bottles. Do you have a special friend that creates special & beautiful things?

Look at the awesome crown. Bella's love crowns & this bottle makes me feel so special. Look at the seam binding the way it has been run through the crown. The handmade vintage yummy.

I am in awe looking at the vintage millnery. The delicate folds and cream colored lace. When I display these in my home I will put them in my bathroom. I like to put all the special stuff there so when I am luxuriating in the bathtub I am surrounded by creative inspiration. Thanks Lisa for adding beauting to my baths and beauty to my life. What kind of beauty will inspire you at every turn today?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glad It's Not Gone....

Would you ever in a million years ever think of throwing away this gorgeous box of vintage wallpaper? I didn't think so...because any of you taking the time to read this are like me...and if it is vintage you love it. Not only do you love crave being with it. You crave touching it. You crave creating with it. Last week I had the opportunity to purchase not only this lovely box....but another box just like it. I got to divide this paper with two dear friends Lisa & Cherie and we are in heaven on earth. My friend, Diana the auctioneer at the Chamber's Estate Sale, wanted to pitch this box and it's partner before the sale even started. Luckily, Bill, the Estate Owners son thought it should go on the auction block. I couldn't agree more. Thanks Bill for saving a bit of history, and also thank-you for salvaging this wallpaper 37 years ago and preserving it for us to come and purchase so we can let others walk down memory lane and share in the beauty of something that is over 100 years old and almost ended up in the landfill.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sassy Silver Bella Stash Swap

The buzz out in blogland has been talk about a wonderful opportunity. In November I will travel with two girlfriends Lisa & Stephanie and we will attend Silver Bella. Silver Bella takes place in November and is in Omaha Nebraska. We will antique & take several classes. One of the neatest aspects in my opinion are the swaps. My lovely Bella Sister, and travel companion's Stephanie is hosting the Sassy Silver Bella Stash swap. By joining this swap I am assured to get some of the most creative stash items for my craft room that you have probably ever seen. I can only imagine the beautiful and unique items that will be packaged lovingly and given to little me. The catch...I like wise am to bundle and lovingly adorn 15 bundles of creative finery to give to my Bella Sister's. Thanks Stephanie for hosting such a wonderful swap.