Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something Old....Something New

I had so much fun participating in Linda's (A Swap For All Season's) summer swap. I though it was just dreamy doing a swap about weddings since most of us have summer anniversaries. Here is the loot that I sent.

I have a tendency to really get into collecting for swaps. They are so much fun for me to participate in. My swap partner was nice enough to send me these photos. I got so into the swap and wrapping it up all pretty....that yes....I forgot to photograph. I hate that part.

Look at this neat book that I found. The bride was born in 1888. She was married in 1908 and her friends and family made the happy couple....Carrie & Bert....a neat little booklet to commemorate their marriage with helpful tips and loving advice. There are even hand drawn pictures to add to the nostalgia. It was quaint & special.....and I bet the bridal couple had no idea their special book would end up in Wedding Swap 102 years later.

Jan DeBellis was my swap partner. We really hit it off and have been emailing like crazy. I thought it fitting to send my 'borrowed' items in an old mini muffin tin......after all every new bride needs an old muffin tin. This one was yummy and patina-ed so wonderfully. I put really fun items in it for Jan to create her magic with. Of course I had to add a few Frozen Charlotte's....I can't remember when I haven't added those to one of my swaps. I hope you enjoyed seeing the treasures that I sent to Jan....and if you haven't signed up somewhere for a summer swap....I highly recommend is really fun to connect and create for a new friend. Blessings for a wonderful, creative, & productively filled day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Scream....You Scream.....We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It is funny to me that I decided to post about ice cream when just three short days ago I swore off sugar. I am still feeling the slight headache that just days ago wasn't so slight. But I couldn't resist posting about one of summer's sweetest treats.

I love the simplicity of a plain vanilla cone....going to our unique little ice cream stand in downtown Bloomington....The Chocolate Moose....where still can get a Torch Cone for a mere 37 cents.....a bargain in any one's pocket book. I love the elegance of the Watermelon Granita pictured above.....courtesy of my favorite Country Living Magazine.

And who doesn't love the cool delectable Popsicle. I couldn't resist these special treats made in old vintage jello molds. These Orange-Banana Smoothie Pops featured in Country Living make me squeal with excitement!

And although I have never to my knowledge eaten a Huckleberry....I am sure purple ice cream would be dreamy. This Huckleberry Ice cream looks so cool and creamy....perfect for a hot summer night shared on the porch watching the firefly's & shooting stars. While I have vowed off sugar....I just might on the perfect summer night....share one of these delectables with loved ones. After all isn't that is what summer is for!

.....and just the little blue napkin that this sweet sits upon is enough to make me swoon the name is even more exquisite...Rosemary-Cranberry Sorbet. I can just envision this delight after a wonderful meal...cleansing my palette. While I still am the kind of girl that longs for the 37 cent Torch Cone....a nice ending to a meal is always a joy. I hope you have enjoyed drooling over these delicious ice cream treats....know that for now I will view this post to enjoy them. Thanks Country Living for these luscious photographs!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Petite Inspiration Box....Oui! Oui!

I missed out on Heather's last petite inspiration box swap....and I was ever so sad. So I jumped at the chance to join this time. The next rainy day I have....I am creating for pleasure! I usually create something everyday....but it isn't always for pleasure....although any creating is pleasureable to me. Sometimes it is stuff that just has to get special orders and things.

I have been so busy getting the mundane accomplished lately. Today is my kids official first day of summer. A little sleeping in and then we hit the garden....or should I say flower beds for a morning of weeding and cleaning out the beds. Although it wasn't the most fun I have ever was nice. Spending time with Lindsey in the cool morning working and talking along the way. Sometimes the mundane is just what you need.

I actually got all my spring decorations put away....and got out the summer decor'. I even got it accomplished before Memorial Day. So....we will spend the summer months donned in Red....White....& Blue. I love that. It was a mundane task....but sometimes the mundane is just what you need.

Sometimes I have a real hard time doing it all. Juggling the creative desire in me....keeping the house tidy & clean....doing the just being well....a wife & mother. I have been trying to do it all lately & by the grace of is happening. The mundane is turning into relevant & important....and sometimes THAT is just what you need. May you always feel that your life is more relevant & important than mundane.....may you accomplish all that you want to today. Blessings to you.