Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bo.....A Heroic Rescue

Monday night after Lincoln had missed the entire day of school with respiratory flu like symptoms and spent the entire day asleep, we got a phone call at 10:24. This little boy, Bo, had been missing for 3 hours. He is 7 and we knew that surely he was cold....scared....and hungry. We told Lincoln that we were leaving to go on the search and he jumped out of bed and insisted going despite his illness. He said if Bo was missing he would never forgive himself if he didn't help find him. So we collected our flashlights....extra batteries....water.....& POPTARTS because they help with every rescue mission, and traveled to one of the furthest most Monroe County parts and very treacherous terrain, to begin the search for seven year old Bo.

Bo is part of our Hockey family. His 16 year old brother Gabe has been playing with Lincoln for 9 years. We knew Bo before he was born. We have traveled to Canada with Bo & his family and many weekends of our lives. Our hockey family is extensive & unique. Help is given when needed and this most surely warranted help & lots of it. By the time we reach Bo's home it was 11:30. We had never been there....we travel together....we are never home to socialize together. We were warned of the Crumpet-like driveway in Who-ville from Dr. Seuss's movie, without the winding spiral & it was NO JOKE. Drop off like conditions on BOTH sides & steep. Straight up for about a mile. We were lucky because Jeff just drove right on up.....most people walked. When we got to the top, the experts were getting the canine unit ready to begin the search. The infer-red search of the helicopter was underway and walkers....would begin our 2 by 2 scan of the surrounding property. The 150 people I met at the top, most of course I didn't know....but there....most of the hockey family was.....huddled close together....ready to hunt for sweet Bo. We were given our instructions. Paired into our groups. We were supposed to go 2 by 2, but Lincoln wanted to go with his Coach Nick, Jill his wife, & their 2 sons Eli & Zaiah. Bonding with Nick is a treasure no matter what the circumstance because we love him dearly. I went with Jeff & his plethora of flashlights that he passed out to everyone BUT me so I didn't have one. It was awful. I was unprepared in the most treacherous terrain I had ever experienced and it was horrible....truly....I was scared, and it was very difficult. I hunted for about an hour and then another mother & I went back to the house and her son & Jeff continued. Really, it was I went back and did what I do comforted & talked....after all....that's really what I do best. About 45 minutes at 2:26a.m. later my sweet son called with the most jubilant voice proclaiming that he found Bo.....the rescue experts sounded the sirens & the volunteers meandered in 2 by 2. Lincoln and his rescue unit were so deep into the forest it took them an hour to get back in. Lincoln asked little Bo if he was cold....tired....or hungry....what I always tell Lincoln a mother always worries about for her own child.....good thing he had some POPTARTS to offer! Lincoln doesn't want me to make a big deal about his heroic status....he says we all helped so we are all heroes & he's right in a way.....but one thing I know for sure....his heart is gold and it sure does show in times like this! He said hearing Bo's voice was the most cheerful noise he has ever heard.

Monday, January 23, 2012

It' ICY some clear photos for you.....

The other night Jeff said I heard the ice is going to miss us. He was wrong. He must have been listening to the weather forecasters. We came out of the high school basketball game to head over to the ice rink to watch the high school hockey game & about slipped down the steps. When we came out of the rink, a family had placed some egg cartons on the roof of our car for Lincoln's little egg business and they were frozen and completely encrusted in ice....stuck to the top of the car.....I guess we really looked like the idiot chicken farmers that we really are. I thought I would show some pretty clear photo vignettes from my craft room & around the house. I think they look icy and beautiful.

The above photo is from my craft room. I adore salt shakers & love to use them in my art....or for vessels for my art. Like for lovely decanters for glitter or for storing beads. Pretty containers inspire me. This photo is from my bathroom. I love the old apothecary jars they used in the past to store their toiletries. And look at this neat old soap storage box. Don't you just hate our new plastic ones?
I would much prefer this old metal type. Sometimes I just have to break down & use the old ones.

The old glass the way that it has worn & aged just makes me happy. So grey & calcium encrusted. Here in Indiana we have lots of limestone & it gets on everything. I also just love the old silver top on this bottle. This bottle is actually part of a set that I have taken out of the old ratty case. Typically....I love old & ratty.....but this was a little too old & ratty even for me. So, I am just displaying them randomly. If you know know I like a good little vignette. I just love my collections. I guess it is a good thing we can now call an addiction a collection....otherwise....I'd be in big trouble. I hope you have liked looking at my icy photos. Apparently it is supposed to be warmer here & all the ice will melt....but then again....are those weather forecasters ever right? Have an artfully creative matter what the weather!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Soldered Flowers.....

Okay....Okay....I know they aren't they best photos in the world....but are they ever cute in real life? Lisa from Lola Rue loved them yesterday when I took them in. They are creamy & just the right touch of blingy.

They have the sweetest velvet little flowers with little vintage rhinestones. They have vintage ledger paper and the palest of yellow little fresh water pearl adorns them. They really are too cute for words. I hope you are artfully blessed today!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Je t'aime....

I've been saying for is in the air. And it just isn't letting up. I guess I can't remember a time when I have been so jazzed up for Valentine's Day. Look at these fun journals that I made today. I bought these vintage-y journals.....umm you guessed it.....years ago.....& decided now was the year I would use them.

I got so inspired to get some of this vintage silk sari ribbon when I took Michelle Gellar's journal class at the very first Handmade U last year. I just love it!!! It comes all wadded up and coiled all up. It is really neat. The colors are just exquisite. Of course I couldn't decide on 'A' color so I bought many colors!!! I need variety in my life. The colors just kind of fade into each other and they are yummy.

So the creative 'love bug' has definitely bitten me this special LOVE SEASON. Who knows what is in store for me tomorrow or where the creative journey will take me. I hope that some of my special silk sari ribbon has inspired you to try a new craft item....venture down an unknown path and purchase something really special to create with. Blessings for an artfully creative day.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Mine....Valentine Bookmarks....

They really are cuter in real life.....I promise. They are distressed and pale pink. They are sweet. I am trying to use up stuff I have found in the craft room. I bought these years ago. I thought they would be a fun kids craft for Valentine's Day.....NOT. So I am left with 'WHAT TO DO WITH THEM????'

So.....with a little paint, a little Hannah Silk ribbon, a few rubber stamps.....I think they made a slightly cute book mark. Hey...if I would use it....I think others would use it. I like little 'gifties' at the holidays. I think others do too. I hope you are able to use up your over stash of supplies! I know I am forcing myself to do just that this winter. It's been fun. Blessings for an artfully creative day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Is In The Air......

First, I would like to say....I can't believe I have been away from my blog this long! So.....let's just get that out of the way from the very beginning. Happy New Year & all of that. Same old resolutions and all that good stuff. I don't have a good excuse....and it is pointless....I am busy like all of you & I just couldn't make time for this blog. I had a GREAT holiday season....cooked....decorated....created with my nieces & children....wrapped gifts....decorated mountains of cookies....& truly enjoyed every minute of it. The best part of it....I got inspired by all the hoop-la. I de-stashed!!! I organized & re-organized! I am set to go for 2012 & have been having a ball so far. Love is in the air around here! So XOXOXOX to all of you!

I had so much fun making these soldered heart pendants. They are made from snippets of lace, vintage French book papers, vintage sheet music, velvet flowers, glitter, and little pieces of Hannah silk ribbon. I love how they turned out.....I hope you do to. I can't wait to run them into Lisa's shop this afternoon. Love is in the air at Lola Rue too. Stop in for a peek if you are in the Bloomington area. Blessings for an artfully creative day.