Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Years Celebration.  We rang in the new year by celebrating with friends.  Typically we have spent this time with our children & rarely have even made it to midnight, but now that we have a daughter in college & a son in high school they of course do not want to spend their time at home with the we too became partiers....& I must say....we had a BALL & actually watched the ball fall at midnight!!!!  We began the evening with my girlfriend Becky & her date Keith at a nice restaurant for dinner & then went to some our friends home to ring in the New Year.  Mary & Ken throw the best parties because their home is just made for that!  I even asked Jeff last night if we should move so we could host better parties & he said NO WAY....he loved our home.  I thought that was so awesome.  But all you can really do here is hang out in the kitchen & watch me cook & eat what I cook.  I guess a lot of people do like to do that....but sometimes it isn't that fun for me.....LOL.

So interesting as New Year's is.....with resolutions & all WHAT resolutions have you made if any for 2014 ?  I decided about 5 years ago that I wasn't going to make resolutions like "I'm going to loose 50 pounds or keep my house clean all the time" because they seemed so unrealistic.  Those were things you just needed to work on for yourself.  Not actual resolutions.  So, I did loose weight, a lot in fact. But my house is not clean all the time, but is managable.  Now each year I set goals that are attainable to me & practical to my life.  Like in 2010 I set the goal to not be cold.  I purchased appropriate attired & boots to keep myself warm.  My life has greatly improved & I have maintained that goal.  I wear Uggs as much as I dislike them to my workouts & change into my tennis shoes when I get there to keep my feet warm & dry, they also help to keep my legs warm too.  I wear a scarf around my neck alot. It helps so very much.  In 2012 I got rid of my cleaning ladies as much as I loved having this service because I wanted a personal trainer.  I decided the trade-off would be fitness for comfort.  I could get more fitness in return by cleaning my house.  Needless to home is a little more dirty....but it is a lot more stylish for some reason.  (that is the more energy thing though)  The one real HUGE drawback is that my home rarely if ever gets clean top to bottom like it used to.  I really hate that....but I spot clean like crazy & Jeff helps a lot!!!!  My cleaning style is totally crazy though & partly the reason it doesn't get cleaned from top to bottom.  I have to organize & clean as I go.  I got the house spotless for the cleaning ladies to come in & CLEAN .  So today....lying in bed this morning....thinking about what comes before me in 2014 I decided that my resolution again will be attainable.  It will be one of more thought & digging deep.  I am going to really try to focus on.....& don't laugh when I say this because it really sounds trite because you all know me....but I want to focus on being more CREATIVE .  You all think because I make a lot of things that I am creative.  But let me just admit to you that when I opened Girlfriends on the Farm it took a lot out of me.  It has now been open one full year now.  In that time filling the shop to make it look nice was a HUGE endeavor.  In addition to that, I still tried to add to Lola Rue, & prepare for a few crafts shows, & in Octoboer I ventured into something completely new.....I opened a glass case in an Antique Shop.  Westbury Antique Market.  The year kept me so very busy professionally.  I was constantly arranging & rearranging & decorating & redecorating as I did three magazine photo shoots & two newspaper interviews, & one documentary film that is currently being edited.  So things really did take off for Girlfriends on the Farm .  So the creative aspect of my life really has been put on hold.  I haven't been able to be creative in the way that I have been in the past as an artist.  Where the sky was the limit & I woke up & 'painted any canvas I wanted to paint' so to speak.  So watch out 2014 I am ready to take you on.  My creative juices are flowing.  I have already been checking things out.  I am getting inspired.  I am ready to go.  I am feeling it & I am so happy.  I hope that you are able to set & maintain attainable goals & resolutions.  It really makes for a much more joyous & happy new year I think.  Goals are good & they help us to stay focused on the bigger picture....a better US!  Which I think makes a better place for us all the live in.  Happy New Year Girlfriends!!!!!