Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Couple of Little Vignettes

If I had the photographs to support blogging....I would probably be one of those bloggers that posts everyday. Unfortunately that isn't me. I seem to always be doing the mundane....creating....cleaning.....& cooking. But I have to say, I enjoy my time so much. I love white ironstone. I know a bunch of you do as well. I also love little white birds. They go so nicely with my collection of white ironstone. My theory is.....if I like it....it goes in my house. I am not one to just go that decorator route. Everything goes. That's the way I like it. The corner cupboard that my ironstone is displayed in was a gift from my husband. It took 16 years to finally get it into my house.....so we could have that perfect corner for it. It had been out in our barn for all that time and you know the beauty of it.....we washed it.....and linseed oiled it and it just brought up this beautiful patina. I love the way it looks and it is so fun just to pull a nice big platter or a little serving piece out to use.

This sweet little vignette is housed in my powder room. It is right off the kitchen and this little mish mash of wonder is dear to me. I love collecting old boxes....old jars....old white milk glass....apothecary jars. I like it to look like something out of an old mercantile. I know a lot of you would find this foolish....but I love the look. It is a great place to put that special treasure I find at a thrift store or estate sale. So I hope you like looking at my little vignette's as much as I do. I never tire of the wonder of 'eye spy'.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Vintage Bling Charms for Silver Bella

When the swaps for Silver Bella were posted in June I was just giddy with excitement. Swaps for me are way more than just the creative out let that they are for some. Especially Silver Bella Swaps. They are a way to connect with new and old friends. Kind of like a reunion. I jumped at the chance to be in Cheryl Stoneham's Vintage Bling Charm Bracelet Swap. These are my charms.

We were instructed to make 20 vintage bling charms to be no bigger than 2 inches. Mine fit right in the 1 inch square on my measuring mat. I really like their size. I got the burled wooden vintage circles from Stampington and pardon me, but the photo just doesn't do the wood justice. It is gorgeous. Don't you just love the star?

They are each a little different. And I like that. Here is what I did. First, I silver soldered around them. You certainly wouldn't have had to do this, because you could have easily added an eye hook for charm bracelet attachment....but silver soldering is what I do....and I really like the way the jump ring is attached.

Then I went to town on all my vintage necklaces.....dissecting them if you will. The neat part about them is that they are all just a little different. Some have round rhinestones.....some have emerald cut rhinestones.....some have princess cut. I especially love the ones with the round and the emerald cut rhinestones. Part of the directions for the swap were to include a charm bracelet of your choice and Cheryl will add each of the charms. I can't wait to receive my one of a kind bracelet at Silver Bella in November.