Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Post of 2009

As everyone gets busy and wraps up all their holiday preparations I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The trees are trimmed, the cookies baked, the presents wrapped & now the very special time of year where we can reflect on the past and look to the future. As we come into 2010 let us all remember the true reason for the season...the birth of a Savior.

Unto you a Savior is born.
Luke 2

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give Away at Lola Rue

So I have to tell you about a fabulous new line that Lisa is carrying at Lola Rue. It is called Tokyo milk. It is a fragrance line and it is awesome. I bought for myself the scent Dead Sexy...now who could go wrong there???? I also bought a bottle of another scent for my daughter. She will love it. If you visit her blog and post a comment by today you will be entered in for the give away promotion. Trust me...you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bella's In Training

I was so excited to see this swap listed from Sheila Rumney & her daughter Janna. Sheila's blog is Blessed & Distressed and when I happened onto this swap I was thrilled. You see, I love swapping, my family loves my swapping, and everyone loves to see the swaps that I get in return. This isn't your average swap though. This is a swap designed to get our daughters ready to be Bella's. Isn't that just over the top awesome???? Lindsey gets to participate in her very own swap, with other Bella Daughters. They are called B.I.T.'s better known as Bella's in Training. Here's how the girls were paired up. They filled out a questionnaire with their likes, activities, tv shows they like etc. Then Janna & Sheila paired them up. Lindsey is paired up with Taylor Nagy, you know sweet Jessi, better known as Scrappi Jessy, one of the best Bella's I know, her daughter. Jessy and I are just thrilled are daughters are going to be Bella Sisters. So now the fun begins....I am getting out the glitter, glue, papers, and just all the supplies that will make Taylor's ornament...well just perfectly Taylor. Lindsey can't wait to get started and I can't wait to see what these girls come up with.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

With the rush of getting ready for family to arrive I couldn't help but remember all of the wonderful things that I can be thankful for. Some of the moments of preparation....well let me just say weren't the best...but for the most part the days were joyous. Life has taken me to great places, wonderful family, terrific friends in an artful community, and most of all I am truly thankful that I can live in a country where I can display my faith proudly and lovingly. I am thankful that I have a Christ centered life and my personal Savior is there for me all the time....he was even there to help me hoist the 22 pound turkey into the vat of brine, to peel the 10 pounds of potatoes, and to hand roll the egg noodles, to make the roux for the petite peas, to make the stock for the noodles and most of all the help me with the best apple pie & pecan pie you have ever tasted. Christ has given me these talents and I am thankful! What Christ given talents are you using in your Thanksgiving preparations today???

Monday, November 23, 2009

Second Chances

As many of you know I recently attended an awesome art retreat called Silver Bella. One of the highlights of this event is shopping at Second Chance. It is an antique shop packed to the brim with all the vintage flair that any creative person would go nuts for. It is departmentalized into vintage clothing, vintage sewing notions (my favorite area), vintage jewelry, ephemera & household items. Aside from the shopping, which is out of this world, this is the place to see all your Bella Sisters. We hadn't been in the shop for more than 5 minutes when squeals of joy could be heard all through the streets of the Old Market area of Omaha. Through the door came Lonnie Jenck, Stacy McGinnis, & Natalie Hansen. While shopping in the basement who did I bump into but Jodie Lejeune. More squeals of joy!!! This is the kind of shopping experience you have when you shop at Second Chances. It was purely delightful. Although I only shopped there once on this trip you can bet that I found the most awesome treasures. This is shopping that you don't want to miss if you are in Omaha Nebraska. So wonderful, we called from 2 hours out to make sure that they were still open, and the funniest thing, they knew that we were Bella's and said they would keep the store open longer for us. We put the pedal to the medal and high tailed it to Second Chance. If you are ever in Omaha Nebraska....you won't want to miss either!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Need I say more.... I just love this image of my niece & all her girlfriends. Arm locked...in their PJ's...not a care in the world. That is how I feel when I am with my girlfriends...regardless of the outfit I am wearing. Comfy & not a care in the world. I am so blessed to have new & old girlfriends. It seems like with the things I like to do....craft....flea market shop....antique shop...bible studies...I am around so many wonderful girlfriends. Is your life surrounded by the beauty of friendship...if not...I hope you feel that you have found it here with me today? I hope you have the kind of weekend that surrounds you with beauty...peace...creativity & a love affair with friendship. Blessings to all my dear girlfriends.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am a Hockey Mom!

Okay...I know it sounds like I just did the first step of a twelve step program...but cut me some slack. Most of you know me as a creator of whimsy...or maybe even a collector...but in my off time 'I am a hockey mom'. We travel most weekends and it starts tomorrow! Most people don't understand my love of hockey....but these moms & sisters sure get it. Tomorrow my son Lincoln starts his hockey season. He will play 4 games to seat us for the season. This year...he is a first year Bantam & we are really excited. That's me in the upper left corner holding the plaid blanket...it's hockey...it is cold. My daughter Lindsey is in front & center in the plaid coat...you could call us the plaid sisters because we love PLAID! Is there a secret love affair that you have...that we don't know about?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Vintage' Wine Boxes

Look at the neat thing I did with these wine boxes...you know yucky old pine boxes you get at the liquour store. Unstained....ugly....blah....but really utilitarian. Most of you know that I live in a restored 1850's farm house. Storage & closets are at a premium....so I have to really be creative with places that I can store things. Here's what I did....I got a can a Briwax...the natural wax that cleans, stains & polishes. I love this stuff & the great thing about it...it comes in your very favorite colors. For these boxes I used Antique Mahogany for its rich dark color. With a little elbow grease I transformed these boxes to be, in my opinion, really beautiful. Nice enough to even use as a decorative piece. I keep these boxes stacked and ready to go with all my display pieces that I use at craft fairs or where ever my creations take me. What have you transformed with a little elbow grease lately?

Monday, September 7, 2009

License Plate Fun

The other day I had the opportunity to spend some time with Lincoln....just the 2 of us. We set our sights on an estate auction for a fun day of bidding on our hearts desire. The cute little auction house is so quaint and he has loved going there since he was a baby. They have all these cool boy things...old tools...old stuffed animals like deer heads, raccoons, birds & coyotes....and vintage license plates. He really liked those and wanted to have some to put in his fort. I had told him that I knew where there were many & quite possibly we might purchase them for 50% off if they were still at this garage sale. Well we high tailed it out of the auction house and drove like crazy to see if they were still there. They were...we were thrilled. We got them for 50% off and decided to embark on a bedroom make over for him. We are going to put them in as a border or something fun like that...we will show the after pictures when we are finished. Most of the license plates are pre 1950's....some as early as 1912 & we think they are just totally neat. What fun & creative adventures have you taken with your child lately?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Matthew 5:13

Says that "You are the salt of the earth;but if the salt looses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out & trampled underfoot by men." I have been so caught up in scripture lately and am just on fire creating pieces influenced by 'faith'. Of late I have been purchasing every salt shaker that I could find so I could create something faithful. I have had them sitting in my view for months. They have been speaking to me. I have crystal ones & sterling ones. I have big ones & small ones. I have useful ones & just darn right pretty ones. Here is what I did.
I soldered the scripture Matthew 5:13 in really pretty beveled glass. Then I soldered some other pretty little do dadds. I soldered some vintage mirror. I soldered some pieces of vintage sewing tape...you know the measuring kind that is all brown & pretty with age. I also soldered some vintage book paper with a few stamps of random things. I added pearls to the crystal shaker and bells to the sterling shaker...then I strung them up with pearls & the soldered pieces. It is yummy & just scrumptuous. It is such a neat reminder that the Bible is the living...breathing word of our Lord & Savior... Christ Jesus. The salt shaker is a simple reminder that we are the salt of the earth. I don't want to loose my flavor & be good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot. Are there creative ways that you like to share your faith? I hope this post leaves you inspired to share your faith with others through your creative ways. May your weekend be blessed with happiness & creative flair.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Funny Boy

Sometimes it amazes me what my kids do for fun. I really love it though when I get a photo sent to me of them being silly. We went for sushi the other night and while we were waiting Lindsey could not resist making Lincoln pose for some pictures. Soon.....they turned into these hilarious kinds of pictures & the whole restaurant was in stitches. I wanted to share this with all my blog sisters. I hope this finds you well & brings a smile to your face.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Country Living Fair 2009

I can't believe it. Spontaneity working with four busy people. Getting pets & children taken care of...and being able to leave & have some fun junking. We are going to the Country Living Fair in Columbus OH & I have wanted to go for years. This year it is happening and I can't wait. Junking along the way & then viewing some of the best antiques in the mid-west. What fun fall excursions are you taking?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Another person's treasure

Usually it happens to me....today it didn't. I am usually the person who rescues someones junk & turns it into my TREASURE. Over the summer my aunt came to visit and rescued this 'new' dress form from me. Not the dress form all of us Bella's covet...the old vintage paper board worn and just begging to be draped in lace and specially created jewels. This was the cast off...the falling over...polyester covered dress form. I had it & I didn't want it. She gladly took it off my hands...and I was thrilled to get it out of my house. Today she sent me the picture of my old 'trash' & her new 'treasure'. She asked if it was done & is there anything else she could do with it? The only answer I could think of was...."Why yes...send it back to me!!!" Have you ever wrongly gotten rid of your trash only later to see it turned to treasure? I hope this finds you well and thinking more carefully of your trash.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apothecary in my bathroom

It seems funny to me while reviewing my blog...but most of my posts have been about my bathrooms. When I started thinking about the uncanniness of being especially happy with the decorating of my bathrooms I started laughing out loud. My house has literally been torn up for 1 1/2 years while we have been renovating our kitchen. The process has gone in huge waves and this wave has been the hardest to deal with. No stove for going on 2 months now....but when it is finished it is going to be worth the wait. So until then I will photograph little vignettes of decorations in my bathrooms. I love the way the light has captured the beauty of these old bottles. The soft colors are so pretty. I am enamored with old bottles...the way the glass has become etched with age. What things enamor you? Maybe an old bottle, old rhinestones, old buttons or just a silly old box. Have a wonderfully happy day enjoying some vintage beauty.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pantaloon Buttons

On a recent antiquing trip with my husband in Illinois we found this awesome antique shop called Winter Wheat Antiques. This place might have well been called a museum because they had some of the neatest papers, old ledgers, books and just really neat old stuff. The purpose for my antiquing weekend was really to accumulate some vintage crafting supplies to fill some stash swaps I am participating in for Silver Bella this coming November. The best part about this shop was that they were having a sale... and everything over $20 was fifty percent off....I can't resist a sale so I went hog wild. One of the most interesting things I discovered was this old box. Pantaloon Buttons. I just couldn't resist....it seemed so funny to me. The owner and I got such a chuckle. I hope this gives you a chuckle.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Vintage

I love the simple elegance of these special bottles. One of my dearest Silver Bella Sister's & friend Lisa Orme made these. She has a little shop here in Bloomington IN called Lola Rue & Co. and it is a treat. It is very hard for me to buy these bottles and I have to sneak to do it...because she usually just tucks them in the bag and won't charge me for them. She likes to give just because gifts. I like to support her by purchasing her creations. I picked up the string because I love the color and it looks dreamy with the bottles. Do you have a special friend that creates special & beautiful things?

Look at the awesome crown. Bella's love crowns & this bottle makes me feel so special. Look at the seam binding the way it has been run through the crown. The handmade vintage lace....so yummy.

I am in awe looking at the vintage millnery. The delicate folds and cream colored lace. When I display these in my home I will put them in my bathroom. I like to put all the special stuff there so when I am luxuriating in the bathtub I am surrounded by creative inspiration. Thanks Lisa for adding beauting to my baths and beauty to my life. What kind of beauty will inspire you at every turn today?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glad It's Not Gone....

Would you ever in a million years ever think of throwing away this gorgeous box of vintage wallpaper? I didn't think so...because any of you taking the time to read this are like me...and if it is vintage you love it. Not only do you love it...you crave being with it. You crave touching it. You crave creating with it. Last week I had the opportunity to purchase not only this lovely box....but another box just like it. I got to divide this paper with two dear friends Lisa & Cherie and we are in heaven on earth. My friend, Diana the auctioneer at the Chamber's Estate Sale, wanted to pitch this box and it's partner before the sale even started. Luckily, Bill, the Estate Owners son thought it should go on the auction block. I couldn't agree more. Thanks Bill for saving a bit of history, and also thank-you for salvaging this wallpaper 37 years ago and preserving it for us to come and purchase so we can let others walk down memory lane and share in the beauty of something that is over 100 years old and almost ended up in the landfill.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sassy Silver Bella Stash Swap

The buzz out in blogland has been talk about a wonderful opportunity. In November I will travel with two girlfriends Lisa & Stephanie and we will attend Silver Bella. Silver Bella takes place in November and is in Omaha Nebraska. We will antique & take several classes. One of the neatest aspects in my opinion are the swaps. My lovely Bella Sister, and travel companion's Stephanie is hosting the Sassy Silver Bella Stash swap. By joining this swap I am assured to get some of the most creative stash items for my craft room that you have probably ever seen. I can only imagine the beautiful and unique items that will be packaged lovingly and given to little me. The catch...I like wise am to bundle and lovingly adorn 15 bundles of creative finery to give to my Bella Sister's. Thanks Stephanie for hosting such a wonderful swap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silver Bella 2009 Bound

This week has been a whirlwind of signing up for swaps and let me tell you there are some really creative and inspiring swap hostesses out there. I am giddy with excitement! So... anyone that knows me is aware that I am computer illiterate & also time change impaired. Actually just signing up for Silver Bella gave me a time because a time change was involved. So signing up for swaps has been a challenge for me personally. I did it and I got into the swaps that I wanted to get into....and I was even able to get my Bella Sister Lisa Orme in as well. Oh...that little problem with the Mini Advent Swap...that was my fault. I accidentally signed Lisa up twice. These girls are eager....these Bella Sister's of mine. I was on pins and needles waiting to sign up for Michelle Gellars Holiday Fat Book Swap and I waited until the designated time and do you know that within 60 seconds 17 people signed up. CRAZY! I am also signed up for Bee's Knee's and that is a one on one swap where I will be paired up with someone. I can't wait to get my swap partner. I have also really gone out on a limb and decided to be a Swap Hostess. I sent in my swap idea yesterday and I will be hosting a silver solder swap called "Display Your Faith" so all you soldering Bella's out there be ready for the sign up day for that. Omaha....here I come and I can't wait!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays as it happens in the spring, and since I live in Bloomington 'booming town' it is just gorgeous here. Sometime we get a cold snap, but this year we didn't and the Magnolia's are the best ever. The red buds are just starting to bloom and soon to follow will be the dogwoods. Here in Indiana we have not only white dogwoods but also pink dogwoods that grow wild, so they are not just ornamental. So in a few weeks we will have a sea of white, with the hint of just the palest pink. Currently we are in the 'spring green' time as my mother has always referred to it. It is when the leaves just start to bud out.

The eggs above are the eggs we decorated last year, but they were just the neatest eggs. We do alot of eggs, quite frankly because it is a cheap holiday tradition, but also because we just love hard boiled eggs. We have creamed eggs on toast, egg salad, deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs on salads, or just to eat one. I am not one to put hard boiled eggs in casseroles, or baked in meatloaves like I see, or even in tuna salad, but we do really love them. These hard boiled eggs were made using silk ties. We cut pieces of silk and wrapped the eggs tightly in the silk. Then we cut squares of old white tee shirts and tied them tightly using twist ties. Then we boiled them in a vinegar bath for 15 minutes. It was really fun to untie the boiled eggs to see the silk patterns set on the eggs. I don't know what we will do with our eggs this year, but I've got my mayo ready to tackle the best packaged chicken dinner around. Blessings for our celebration of Christ's Resurrection.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sea of Purple

If you don't know this, my home state of Indiana is the basketball capital of the country. I grew up in Bloomington, IN and am raising my children here. My daughter is a sophomore at my high school Alma mater, and around here.....we love basketball. We played in the state championship game last night and WON!!! The score was 69/62 and those boys played their hearts out. We haven't won a state basketball championship since 1919 and that year they canceled school for a week to allow the fans to reach the stadium. We didn't get time off to travel, but we have the best fans in the world. Conseco Stadium was packed to the gills with 17,000 fans, 3/4 of them Bloomington South Panther fans. It was a sea of purple and the crowd was lively. We went to the pep rally today at Bloomington South and they had already painted the gym floor with '2009 State Basketball Champions' & 'JR Holmes Court'. He is the coach and began his coaching career when I was a junior there....that makes him OLD! We are now currently ranked 3rd in the nation and Lincoln thinks we need to have some kind of national tournament. I agree with him, I am not ready to watch these boys stop playing. I hope you all get to enjoy sporting events with your family. I think it builds such a strong sense of community don't you think?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Heading to the Beach!

Well we are finally going to get some R & R. We are heading to the beach for spring break. We have been traveling the past 4 weekends to hockey tournaments and my step-father-in-laws funeral. Lucky for me, I had a lot of time to read my Somerset Artful Blogging and found out that I needed to let you all know that I wouldn't be posting for awhile. So, as I have mentioned before, this blogging thing is a giant learning thing for me, and with blogging etiquette, I will apologize for not informing all of my wonderful blog sisters that I was away. I hope you are all enjoying your beautiful springs and possibly get to head out for a fun trip with your family. We are heading off to Daytona, close to Jeff's mothers so we get to spend time with her, yet be at the beach!!! Blessings for safe travel, and a happy Spring Break. I think Lincoln (above) has the right idea!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She Makes Me Happy!

Sixteen years ago I never suspected that this beautiful girl could ever make me as happy as I am today. It is pretty special when you really like the person she is. I like the person that Lindsey is, I like the person she is becoming. I like the way she sees the world and I like the way she makes her choices. She tackles new things with grace & confidence, something I don't see in many 16 year olds. That sure wasn't me. If I had to do it all over again....Lindsey is the teenager I would be!!! For this, I am truly blessed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Blessings

At the end of January I got the sweetest request from two of the nicest Silver Bella's. I met Stacy McGinnis & Natalie Hansen at this year's Silver Bella in Omaha Nebraska and when they invited me to participate in a swap they were hosting I jumped at the opportunity. The swap, the Heartfelt Spring Swap intrigued me, and the reason, because our only rule was to create a spring ornament with felt. I was so excited to start creating and I began thinking about what to make. I decided that I was going to make my ornament reminiscent of an old fashioned sugared egg. I used vintage wool felt, hand dyed chenille & hand dyed velvet that I mixed myself to achieve those oh so special shades of spring. Then I glittered them up, added some fresh water pearls, added a special label and mailed them off. I hope the other girls in the swap enjoy them. When I receive my swaps I will let you see right away the special spring joy that comes my way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Puppy Love Tag Book

I recently participated in the Puppy Love Tag Swap hosted by Karla Nathan. Sugar Wings must really be happy to have such a neat Grandmother, because these books she put together are too cute! I know that a lot of girls out in blog land are sad that they didn't participate. I know that I am really happy that I did. This was the first swap, other than ones at Silver Bella that I participated in and it was so much fun. If you haven't participated in one, I highly recommend it, it forced me to do things creatively that I wouldn't have done otherwise. I used craft supplies that I was hoarding for a 'rainy day' and that made me come out of my bubble. It made me ask 'Why are you hoarding this....it is too special to save....use it...and make someone happy.' I no longer just save the good stuff for a rainy day. Are you still saving the good stuff or are you making someone happy with your bits & baubles??

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Letters

I finally got to sleep last night after thinking about what I wanted to create when I woke up this morning. I thought this would be a great day to create. Lindsey & Lincoln were both on sleep overs and I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate President's Day. I pulled out all my favorite papers, old French checks, inks and old flocked letters and this is what I came up with. I hope you like them. What creative & fun things did you accomplish today?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Max & Ruby for Hadley

My sweet niece Hadley turned 5 years old. I am just smitten with her....she is so special and so much fun to be around. Hadley is like a good girlfriend. She calls me up with her sweet & adorable voice and invites me to lunch....and if anyone knows me...they know I love to do lunch! When my sister, her mother, told me Hadley's birthday was going to be Max & Ruby, she asked if I could make her something with the characters. I knew Hadley needed some more Aunt Hope bling and set out to make her a silver soldered Max & Ruby necklace. Beauty might come in the form of a niece or possibly a nice plate of truffles, but my photos of my jewelry creations really lack something to be desired. Below is the picture of Hadley's birthday necklace. I know she will really like it and I will be thrilled watching her love it.
The blurry but oh so specail Max & Ruby necklace. I hope you are able to create special pieces for loved ones in your family. The joy that comes from giving is such a wonderful feeling. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm Cocoa For You!

When I asked Lincoln in January when he wanted to start making his Valentine's he said "I'm not doing Valentine's this year". Well I was heart broken, but he said "I'm too old to do that". So I thought we had come to another milestone. Lincoln is 12, and he has assured me, even very recently, that I will always be able to hug, hold, & kiss him, even when he is married! I think that is sweet, but I know that my days are numbered in that area too. So I was very happy when he came home Wednesday night and said "I want to make Valentine's" and I asked him if he wanted to go to the store and pick some out with the little envelopes and he said "Mom, we have never bought store bought Valentine's" so we set out to make some. I went to the store and bought some brown polka dot Martha Stewart party cups, used some pink card stock, some pink & brown ribbon, and purchased some Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix with marshmallows. This is what we came up with, in a huge hurry! I love how they turned out, and even the boys in his class loved them!!! Way to go Lincoln. Do any of you have sweet boy stories, I just gush when I hear them?!
Lindsey's Valentine's weren't so cute, but then again, she hadn't even mentioned Valentine's Day. She is a sophomore, and I wasn't sure if she would even want to, but I was prepared, just in case. When I saw these little candy boxes that you could fill with pre-packaged conversation hearts, I was all over that. And you couldn't beat the price. Twenty-two Valentine's for $4.88. I just love Wal-Mart!! She took these and passed them out at school and you can't tell me that the Sophomore's weren't tickled pink to get a little treat!!! I am glad that my children are gift givers. I hope that your little gift givers bless you with many Valentine treats today!!! Have a wonderful day filled with many blessings.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Scripture Rings

I am taking the Beth Moore Study on Ester. I have been making these tags with scripture for the past 2 weeks & passing them out to the ladies at my table. I think they have enjoyed them & are being inspired as well. My friend Stephanie Oyler got me back into the practice. We used to do this years ago in a bible study some friends & I used to do in our homes. The little booklet is very dear to me and it proves that the bible is the living word. It is nice to see the compilation of many of the ladies in the study. It depicts what was going on at the time in their lives. Many of the tags from me were about family & being a healthy person...mind & body. Yes...I am still struggling...but aren't we all trying to be the best person we can be in God's eyes?

Above is the tag book that we made years ago I think some of the tags were made almost 8 years ago. It is a dear book, and I am glad that in the last few weeks I have re-visited it. When Stephanie gave us our new tag book a few weeks ago, I knew that I wanted the ladies to have an idea of what it was like giving tags & then adding them to our tag books. It really is fun. I like decorating my tags with inks, millinery, & special papers & changing them up. Making them a little special like Stephanie did adding her cute red ribbon. Below...you can see the cute tag book that Stephanie started for us. I hope to add several tags to it over the remainder of our class. Maybe some of the other ladies at my table will be inspired as well.

I love my tag book. I hope that Stephanie knows that I am just thrilled that she brought this little tradition back to me. I am sure I will treasure my book, like the other book for years to come.

Joanna's Petite Inspiration Box

I fell in love with this gorgeous box that I received. I participated in the Petite Inspiration Swap hosted by Heather of Speckled Egg. It was so much fun having 3 swap partners and creating and filling their boxes. I thought it was more fun creating....then I started receiving the boxes and then I wasn't so sure. This one came from Joanna Lewis and I think it is just precious. The sentiment posted inside "Always follow your dreams!" is so sweet and inspirational. I guess that was what the swap was all about. Really, to be quite honest I didn't even want to open it....but then I knew that the treasures awaited me.
Just look at all the fun and gorgeous supply goodies! Vintage millinery, vintage seam binding, baubles galore, tickets & keys and old S&H stamps...I remember those from when I was a child...pasting them in their little booklets to redeem at the grocery store for household items such as new silver ware or can openers. Didn't the Brady's earn a new TV set with theirs? I bet they had a lot more booklets filled then we did!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love is in the air....Happy Valentine's Day

I couldn't resist making these cute tags in the Puppy Love Swap hosted by Karla's Cottage. First off, I just adore her and watching her play with her granddaughter Sugar Wings. That little girl has got to feel the love....her grandma is the best! Secondly, how cute will a little tag book be? Karla requested for her swap to each create 6 tags, then we were to mail them to her where she would bundle them together in little books of six. She is busily bundle-ing these books as we speak and mailing them all over the country & internationally. I can't wait to receive mine, what a way to make new friends & enjoy creativity all at the same time. Here is the sample that I sent, I made mine all the same, but I have seen on other blogs where girls made each one different. I guess you could say I am a creature of habit. Several people have asked me about the tickets that I used in the tag, aren't they great. I fell in love with them and they are really prettier in real life. I got them from Kristin at Retro' Cafe . Also, the velvet rick rack that I used is awesome, so many people have just loved it. I got the velvet from Heather at Speckled Egg . If you made these tags, would you have made them all the same as I did, or would you have made each one differently?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Petite Boxes Oh My!

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that there could be so many fun ways to decorate large kitchen match boxes....but then I never ventured into the wonderful world of blogging. I joined Speckled Egg's Petite Box Swap and I received 3 swap partners. I received Jeanne's box yesterday and you have never seen packaging come off a box in such a hurry. I was like a toddler on Christmas morning. I couldn't even open the box for what seemed like an eternity because it was so creatively & lovely decorated with vintage wallpaper, doilies, vintage velvet & German glass glitter in the most beautiful shades of creams & browns. Then I slid open the 'drawer' and there, lovingly packaged beneath the most adorable dotted swiss tissue paper was oodles of vintage ephemera, old doilies, crepe paper trims, millinery & baubles to de-lite any 'Bella' near or far. I hope the next petite boxes come staggered...because that might be more than I could bare in one day!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Theta Antiques & Decorative Arts Show

I hope that you might consider attending the Theta Antiques & Decorative Arts Show here in Bloomington. It is a wonderful antique & decorative arts show. If you would like to see more about the show check out their website at http://www.thetaantiqueshow.com/ to find vendors & artists. There is a possibility that I might be displaying my wares there as part of the decorative arts portion of the show. With this prospect, I am very excited. I would be working there with Lisa from Lola Rue & Co. Tickets are $7 & can be purchased online or at the door. For online ticket sales please visit www.tickets@thetaantiqueshow.com . The show will take place on Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m. & Sunday, February 22, 2009 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m. The location for the show is The Bloomington Convention Center, located at 302 S. College Avenue. I hope you can attend this awesome show. See you there.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Boxes are Completed

Just in time for the special holiday, my Petite Box Swaps are finished. I hope my swap partners like them. I have made a few and given them out to some very special friends and very good critics. They have really liked them. Lisa....my very good friend & owner of Lola Rue & Co. liked them so much she is insisting that I teach it as a class. So....for any interested people near here....the class will be offered on February 11 at 6:00p.m. If you would like to sign up for the class please contact Lisa at Lola Rue & Co. at 812-323-7010 or check out her blog that is listed in my blog section. Happy Valentine's day just a little bit early.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Igloo Building

Maybe real eskimos build better igloos...but then they have to live in one too. I think this is a pretty good try...and Lincoln practically did live in it...actually for 10.5 hours during one of the best blizzards I can remember. The news said we got 12 inches, but what we measured at our home was 14 inches right on our patio...no drifting. The drifts were much deeper. The creative & interactive play that has been shared at this home over the past couple a days has been wonderful. I think every town needs a good blizzard once a year!!! Blessings for a great day....child free.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ester....A Beth Moore Study

I recently enrolled in the Ester....Beth Moore Bible Study at my church. I am a member of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bloomington Indiana. This is one of the most enlightening studies I have taken. Ester, I have learned is a remarkable, head strong woman, similar to a lot of women I know today. She had trials in her life that seem too great for me to bear. Raised by her cousin, I can only imagine all that she learned. As each chapter unfolds in this remarkable New Testament story, I can only know that as bold as Ester was, her story is one of great humility & discernment. She 'softly' moved about the kingdom, trusting God to accomplish His purpose in and through her, which is exactly what He did. Oh God, make me like Ester. A beautiful scripture verse that I learned this week is Colossians 2:10...You are complete in Him. I hope that this gives you a sense of fulfillment today. Nothing can make me happier knowing that I am complete in Him. Blessings for a wonderful evening.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tiny Frozen Charlottes

I love these tiny frozen charlottes. I love the broken-ness of them, I love the dirty-ness of them. I just can't seem to get enough of them. I started collecting these dolls about 10 years ago, not really knowing anything about them. I just knew that there was something special about them. Special to me because I envisioned a little girl lovingly playing with her doll, treasuring it, and the body, badly deteriorated, possibly rotted away after a long storage period in the attic, found by another generation. Some of these doll heads probably have entered our life today this way, but more likely is that these dolls have been found, buried deep, or shallow beneath the earth and placed there before WW1. Buried long ago to preserve them from the ruins of war. Now, generations later, people are un-earthing these treasures and they are making there way into creative peoples hands, for others to love and appreciate. I hope you see the beauty in this....the way that I do. Blessings.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


There was a time in my life when I felt lonely. I think we all feel that way at one time or another, but I felt really lonely. Lindsey & Lincoln were pretty self-sufficient, Jeff was busy with his work and my house was clean. I was boring. I needed girlfriends....not that my 2 sisters weren't good enough girlfriends....but I needed more. I embarked on a friend quest and my life blossomed. So this is to all of my girlfriends, new or old, thank you to all that consider me a friend, and know now that my house is not very clean!! I am richly blessed.

All That Glitters

I got a little reprimand yesterday at Bible Study (The Beth Moore Ester Series). My good friend Stephanie inquired about my horrible blogging skills....horrible because they have been non-existent since January 12! Well, I might have to confess to being a weekend blogger, or most definitely a blogger when I have the time. You see the above bunch of fun, glitter, glue, papers, wall paper, stamps, ribbon, ephemera, buttons & more. These are items that make me sing. These items are music to my ear....and even though Stephanie might want me to blog a little more....she might just be pleased with a fun gift made with all these cool creative supplies. For that...she will have to wait and see. Blessings for a fun & creative weekend.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It saddens me....

that 2 of my favorite magazines are going out of publication. In our tough, war torn economy I know that businesses of all types are struggling. It makes me so upset to think that I will no longer be able to read Mary Englebreit's Home Companion or Country Home. I pray for our country to gather strength and persevere through these tough economic times. Blessings.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Petite Box Swap

Okay...Okay I know 2 posts in one day....what am I thinking? I am just too excited to contain myself though. Many of you know that I am computer illiterate...and I don't spend a lot of time on the computer...or watching TV...or cleaning my house or the little mundane activities that many people find themselves bogged down with. Call me SPOILED...but I like to call myself CREATIVE. Most of my time is spent creating. Well being on the computer all changed this weekend. I have been reading blogs...and I have been LOVING it. I signed up for 2 swaps and I committed myself to make a tag-book where each week of this year I will make a tag with a special reminder word on it. The first word is wish. My sweet blog & Bella Sister....Suzanne Duda swears it will only take 5 MINUTES a week and that is why I am doing it....to force myself to create something in only 5 minutes. If mine looks as pretty as hers I will be thrilled. The other swap is a puppy love swap where I will make 6 tags to send to make a little tag book. Artwork from all over the country. It sounded so neat...I just had to sign up. The swaps were so fun at SILVER BELLA that I just want to do more swaps. The other swap, as featured above is from the Speckled Egg blog. We have to make petite boxes for trinkets and craft supplies. We are going to use match boxes, not the really little ones...but the larger ones. I think they are called kitchen matches, but I will have to measure...I want to do it just right. Like I said I am very excited...I can hardly contain myself. Blessings for a wonderful & dream filled night.

When you have a million & one things to do....

What do I do when I have a million & one things to do? I create a piece of jewelry that the picture really doesn't do justice. I could have finished my laundry....but then I can always finish my laundry. I could have vaccuumed up the 1/4" of dust that has been accumulating as a result of the kitchen remodel. I could even have done the dishes....but NO....I did what any Bella would do....& I CREATED! I love pearls & the more mixed up and varied the more I love them. I love anything vintage...and while the vintage pin I used to make this piece may not be really, really old I did purchase it at an antique store. I love it...it is chunky and would look just fabulous with anything black. So I will go back to the stash and see what other baubles I can drum up for more interesting pieces. Blessings for a wonderful...creative evening.