Saturday, October 27, 2012

IU Charms....A Little Bling is Always Fun!

Oh my mercy....have I  been having some fun in the studio!  You know me & my bling & I got to thinking don't these lonely little IU charms need some sparkle??  Actually...those rival-ristic sweet Ohio State fans inspired me with all their BUCKEYE necklaces the other weekend!  So I got busy....added some rhinestones & pearls & badda bing....instant POP!!!  Our own HOOSIER tradition!!!  HOO...HOO...HOOSIERS!!!!  Took them in to Lola Rue first thing Monday & they sold out instantly within 2 days!!!  It was so humbling to say the least...but don't worry shipment of glass is being rushed to me!!!  I will make more just for you....cause hey....we've got Coach Crean & his boys coming up & the last few days of football & I'm still loving that!!!  So bare with me & my little elves (Jeff & Lincoln have been commissioned) here down at the little studio while we burnish away & have a grand old time!  Hope you are creating to your hearts desire....blessings for glorious creations!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Crowning Glory....I've Been Busy

I have been having the best time in my craft room lately.  I guess the creative energy has just been flowing like crazy.  Maybe because my computer was in the shop so I was forced to just create.  It's a good thing when push comes to shove.  So I just really focused on letting things really go.  It's been so amazingly fun.

I've made some really fun things!  I just wish I could master photography!  The colors are really much prettier in real life.  Cool colors.  Soft colors.  Pale pinks, grays, soft greens & of course rhinestones!!  What would it be without some rhinestones added to the mix!!  So there you have it a little bling for the up-coming holidays.  I am going to be in a couple of art shows that will be in the area.  I don't do too many shows....but I like to do a couple around the holiday season.  I have missed you during this brief lapse of blogging...I hope to be back please plan to visit again real soon.  Blessings for a truly uplifting & creative day.