Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010....Hello 2011

As I get ready to enter 2011....I fondly remember
wonderful moments. Fantastic times spent with friends.
Personal goals met. Fun spent in the craft room.
The moment Lincoln's hockey team won the International
Silver Sticks tournament in Canada. Attending the 65th
Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwich in Poland.
Watching our baby fish. Understanding the circle of life
from a child's eye. Spending time with blog friends....and even
being able to meet a few personally. Reflections are wonderful....but
as I turn the page on the calendar there are a few things I hope to
accomplish....attainable goals....nothing I am incapable of
achieving. Realistic. Baby steps.

1. Enter studio & create daily.

2. Save money & pay down debt.

3. Truly listen.

4. Exercise

5. Build a chicken coup.

6. Participate in more swaps.

7. Bake homemade bread.

8. Be joyful.

9. Learn to take better pictures.

10. Bake fresh....homemade cookies occasionally.

11. Blog frequently.

12. Redesign Lincoln's bedroom.

13. More Happy Hour's

14. Care packages to college.

15. Relax.

16. Create fabulous meals.

17. Do more with friends.

18. Go out on a limb.

19. Pay attention.

20. Lot's of dates with Jeff.

These....of course are written in no particular
order. They are attainable goals I know I can achieve.
I think they will make my family better. I think they can
possibly make my community better. 2010 has been
a tremendous year. Basically I have loved
every minute of it. I am really looking forward to 2011.
I wish each and every one of my beautiful blog
friends a wonderful 2011. May peace be with you for a
Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Knew I Loved Wreaths......

I always knew that I loved
Boxwood wreaths.
Simplistic & beautiful. Adding
serenity to the splendor
of the season. But do you know the
true origin of the holiday wreath?

Wreaths originated as folk traditions
of the people of northern Europe.
In the deep winter, candles were lit on circular
shaped bundles of evergreen.
Both the evergreen and the circular
shape symbolize everlasting life.
The candles light gave
people comfort at the darkest time of the
year, as they looked forward to the warm days
of spring.

Traditional Christmas wreaths are a symbol
of faith. Since wreaths are
continuous in shape, with no beginning or
end, they symbolize God's eternity
and mercy during the Christmas Season.

Wreaths are decorated with evergreen leaves and
branches because they symbolize everlasting
life and God's everlasting love.
Their green color is a representation
of hope and new life.

I always new that I loved boxwood
wreaths. Now, I know the tradition behind
them. I take great comfort in this
seasonal tradition. Now, when I look at a wreath,
I will know that God's everlasting love
is ever present. Blessings for an artfully
creative day.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snippets from Christmas 2010

The memories of Christmas 2010 are
still lingering in my mind.
What a joyous.... happy time we had.

Fun making gingerbread houses.
Hadley (my niece) is just 6 years old
and stayed with the construction
and decorating of her
special house until it was completely

Santa REALLY came!
And boy do I REALLY
love him.

The holiday decorations were splendid.
I sure do love those Santa mugs.
Can a girl have too many??
They are too cute and I really
feel like they are winking at me.

Even after 27 years of
collecting Spode Christmas Tree.....
I still adore it. I like to add
to my collection yearly.
I feel so blessed for family. Christmas
2010 was the best....I can't wait
for next year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Go Hoosiers!!

It's official!
I am a licensed Indiana University Artist!
Paper work really isn't my thing
but I did it.

Go Hoosiers!

Getting the pendants ready to
go to Lola Rue!
They have been a huge
success & people really have
team spirit around here.

Lindsey is even very
excited.....she plans to attend
The IU Kelley School of
Business next year.

.....and the very best part???
The royalties I pay to IU will support
scholarships. Last year alone....
the IU licensed crafters
generated more than 1 million dollars
in scholarship money. That's something
I want to be a part of!!!!
Blessings for an artfully creative day!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish each of you a
wonderful & joyous Christmas.
May all your holiday
wishes come true.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snippets of my Craftroom

I thought I would invite you in.
To my little piece
of Heaven.
Where I spend so much of my time.
My craft room entertains
my mind.....peaks my curiosity.
I have adored ribbons of all
types for as long as I can remember.
My favorites are Hannah Silks
and Seam Binding.

Life wouldn't be as grand....
if not for my stash
of vintage wallpaper.
The oldness makes it better.
Breaking pieces and
tearing all add to the element
and vintageness
of the things

I can never pass up a spool of string
or a vintage bottle
from Lola Rue....created by Lisa.
The creaminess of the string
and the subtileness of
the pastel blue inspire me

......and can a girl ever have
too much vintage
mercury glass???
I think not. I also can't have
too many vintage pantry jars
or apothecary jars.
Be still my beating heart!!!!

Oh my mercy....don't get me started on
vintage salt shakers.
Cut glass or sterling.....they will
always inspire.
I hope you have enjoyed a few
little snippets from my
piece of Heaven. I hope you have
an artfully creative day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pin Cushion Rings

Oh my goodness!
Can I just tell you how fun these were to make.
Cute on top of everything else.

Like many of you know....we have been
I wasn't kidding when I told you Betz White's
Felted Rosette class was life changing.

These aren't the rosettes she taught.
But....she really sparked
my creativity.
I hand painted the pins and added french
knots to the center part of the

I used old wool sweaters.
Cut them up.
Shaped them into flowers.....added a ring
form.....and viola'...the cutest
little felted ring.
Blessings for an artfully creative day!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas Party

At the beginning of December I like to host a day and invite the nieces and their moms over for a getting ready for Christmas Party. I set out different stations (can't quite get a way from the pre-school days....but works) with different crafting supplies. I had one table set up for beading and pipe cleaner assembly (to make glittery garlands), one table set up with paper crafts, and this table.....that everyone gravitated too.

The felting station was the big 2010 rage. We made flowers out of old sweaters.....they really are life changing. And then we tried our hand at needle felting. I have been scared to try this....but have wanted to for years.

Leave it to my adorable niece Lillian to just jump right in and start making this adorable Pixie. Ummmm.....I made one along side her.....but it's not going on the blog.

We bought wool roving, a needle felting tool.....which you really don't need....just a needle felting needle will do. They come in all different coarseness levels. You also need some pillow cushion foam or a needle felting brush. I found that I liked the cushion better.....and it was a lot more reasonably priced. Then just start poking your roving and attaching the pieces together.

Here's Lillian's finished Pixie perched a top my mantle. Isn't she.....or is it a he cute? Now.....I just hope that I am the lucky gift recipient of this special creation.....but I think her daddy might get this one. Needle felting was a huge hit. It was very easy and any age could do this if they are careful to avoid needle felting their fingers!! I am sure this will be a craft that we will be doing a lot more of!!! Blessings for an artfully creative day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Christmas Ornaments

Christmas sure is in the air around here. I participated in three shows this season. That is usually what I can manage and like to do. That in addition to fulfilling special orders and keeping my items fresh at Lola Rue keeps me totally busy. Here is the tree that I decorated with my ornaments for the Art & Soul Show. It really was lights but boy did it glisten. I will elaborate on some of the ornaments in a moment.

This little stocking ornament is a must for anyone who likes vintage or up cycled art. I know that I do. The wool came from a very old.....hand woven blanket that was given to me to create with. The blanket was given to me by my best friend from high school....their family kept everything and when the family homestead was sold..... literally semi loads of 3 generations of family heirlooms came to Bloomington. When they don't know what to do with moth eaten family heirlooms....guess what..... they come to me and I create things like this. In this stocking I placed a Frozen Charlotte pick that I made up.....when I shoved the pick into her precious head, German soil spilled out....I got a little nostalgic......she being holed up under ground for over 100 years....unearthed for little old me to create magic. I also placed one of my precious glittered candy canes and some frosty.....beautiful.....boxwood. I love the affect of all the stocking content all glittered up with mica flakes.

This little ditty has been a 2010 holiday favorite. Little did I know that this particular ornament would be the favorite of shop owner Lisa Orme of Lola Rue. Such a favorite she exclaimed...."It is the most favorite thing you have ever created!!" I don't know if I would go that far....but what a compliment. What I did was 2 soldered ornaments attached together. It is basically a 2-for-1. On the front it says Merry Christmas with the bottom ornament saying Joy. On the flip side it says Blessings and Love all tied up with seam binding and adorned with vintage sheet music and vintage ledger paper. I think that is why Lisa loved it so much....we can't get enough of that creamy yumminess.

This ornament has been a real show stopper. Actually I can't make enough of these beauties. I have to scour each and every antique mall around to find these awesome salt shakers. These are my salt of the earth ornaments. Everyone knows that a little scripture is a holiday fact this sentiment can be shared each and every day. Truly....this little keepsake makes the recipient joy filled. Who wouldn't want to receive an ornament with "You are the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13" That is what the glittered tag reads and then the salt shaker is filled with creamy white pearls to mimic the affect of salt all adorned with creamy shades of white seam binding.

This little angel girl.....Frozen Charlotte yumminess was a joy just to create. These sweeties each took on a life of their own. Filled with pearls of pink and white and layers of mica and German glass glitter these were glistening wonderfulness. Her tag happens to read "Behold, a Saviour is born. Luke 2:11" Adding the scripture has been a real blessing. It really dawned on me over the course of 2010 that art is my God given talent. I am trying to faithfully use it to please others, myself and to also glorify my Lord and my personal Saviour....Jesus. With this....I truly have been blessed. May your day be filled with artful creativity.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amy Barickman's New Book......Vintage Notions

Imagine my surprise when I received an email last week from Amy Barickman wanting me to review her new book Vintage Notions. Does feeling honored come to mind?? This book is all about me.....everything I love. Actually.....Amy doesn't know me at all. She found me through my blog which never ceases to amaze me. But what Amy doesn't know is that her new book...really is all about me. It is very fitting for me to review this book as I was a Fashion Merchandising major in the 1980's at Indiana University. Never actually had a real paying job....but the tools I learned there.....sewing and a love so immense for textiles that it has really taken me on a whirlwind of creating that is my passion in life.

Here she is....the beautiful Amy Barickman. Look at all the scrumptious fabric and old textiles in the background. I feel like we are kindred sisters....but after all that is what blogland does for your soul. It really does make you reach into your very core and let's you exude you. People get you out in blogland. Her new book.... Vintage Notions gives a huge history lesson in the way of life that paved the way for the creators of today. How we got to where we are was driven by a lady that inspired Amy and when you read this book....will inspire you too. Meet the inspiring lady....Mary Brooks Picken.

Mary Brooks Picken was born in 1886 and from an early age was taught by her grandmother to sew. She paved the way for women to enter college and learn. She inspired women to be the best that they could be and gave them inspiration to run their households with the up most care. Making your bed daily....something that has was taught to me by my grandmother....who probably read or was taught by her mother.....who did read Mary's book!!! I am just sure of it.

Here is the inspirational book that changed Amy Barickman's life. Thimblefuls of Friendliness....written by Mary Brooks Picken in the 1920's. One woman's everyday philosophy....that is still true today.....some 90 years later. So I hope that you are inspired to read Vintage Notions....and have enjoyed my little book review. I hope that you have an artfully, creative & inspiring day.....and don't forget to make your bed!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lulu's Gift

Do you ever just meet someone and mama just click with them. Not many words were spoken.....not very many conversations had.....but in the quiet of the togetherness enough was said and wow-ie kazow-ie instant friendship. That's how I can explain my friendship with Lulu. We met at Silver Bella in our first class of the weekend. Chatelaine Necklace taught by the wonderful Charlotte Lyons. We were table mates. It was just a wonderful time....tears were shed....laughter heard. Lulu was celebrating her 10th anniversary of remission from cancer.....and I can see why.....there's a lot of glorious life in this sweet woman.

While at Silver Bella, I took Betz White's rosette frame class. Well if you know me....I can't do anything the 'taught' way. I had in my stash some bits of hand dyed velvet and we 'rosetted' it. On our way home I found this awesome piece of thick.... scrumptious..... luscious....are you getting the picture.....divine...glorious.....PINK.....velvet. Came home.....and viola'....a gorgeous velvet rosette covered in spectacular mica flakes. I made it into a pin and mailed it off to sweet Lulu in her gift box!

Now....if anyone knows me ummmmm.....just a little.....ummmm....I like to go over the top. I achieved it with this little ditty. Can you just say.....this might be the most beautiful thing I have ever created. It was a framed and soldered wedding picture of Lulu and Rick.....adorned with creamy white velvet.....several shades of seam binding and a gorgeous glittered leaf wreath. Did you know Lulu bought every shade of hug-n-snug.....part of the reason I love her so much...she's over the top like me.

Here's another candid of the creation. Hanging from a gorgeous apothecary jar filled with more glittered wreaths. Doesn't it look fabulous on my marble counter tops. These color combinations are really out of this world.....the photos just don't do them justice.

Adorned at the top of the ornament was this little extra.....a scripture tag glittered and scrumptious. Lulu didn't really know that to me....she really is the salt of the earth. I am thrilled I met such a neat lady.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Bella 2010....awesome!

I know....I know....most girls rush home and post to their blogs about all the fun the had at Silver Bella. I just am the kind of girl who has to tediously unpack....savor all the goodies....and then start creating. Which is what I did! Needless to say....I did in fact have a blast! I met wonderful new friends and rekindled all the fabulous friendships I have made over the last several years. I can't believe it was my third trip and it just keeps on getting better. I met these two sisters on the very first night. Roxie & Robin. No, they don't need last names.....they have tattoo's! Yes, you are seeing the picture correctly....they got Silver Bella tatts....and it was their very first year. I know they loved it. I love you girls!

Look at this awesome bracelet I received!!! Isn't it just gorgeous. I participated in Cheryl Stoneham's vintage bling swap. We each created 17 charms out of vintage rhinestones. Then we mailed a charm bracelet of our choosing to Cheryl and she put together the fabulous bracelets. We were the envy of Silver Bella! I will cherish mine for the rest of my life.

This was such a fun little party. I was fortunate enough to REMEMBER to go to Sue Elseth's wonderful Caketini party. Caketini you ask? Well she put cake balls, these delicious concoctions made with frosting and dipped in chocolate in martini glasses and we dined with wonderful friends and indulged in just a few too many!!!!! I WALKED away happy and over joyed to be with so many wonderful ladies.

Oh my mercy! Can I just tell you I had goose bumps waiting in anticipation for my class with the fabulous Betz White. What a neat lady. Actually her class was life changing. There are so many possibilities to create with old sweaters. She really inspired me and the best part of it there were only about 6 ladies in our class so it was just so fun to really sit around and chat and create. I got to sit by the wonderful.....Karla Nathan and my best bud....Miss Stephanie Oyler!

....and I would be lying if I told you I didn't like my dark chocolate top hat over chocolate mousse. Not that this was my favorite part of Silver Bella....but it's the details that keep the Bella's coming back. I must confess....I really like my details in the form of chocolate. After was mentioned on our packing list by the fabulous Heather Ales at least a dozen or so times.....bring chocolate. I can't wait for Silver Bella 2011....I know I will be amongst the first to register.....I hope you come too!