Friday, September 24, 2010

Barn Bash

Having a barn bash is something we really enjoy doing. What you ask is a barn bash? Well we clear out the horses.....well this is actually our indoor riding arena.....but it is a barn. Then we get down to the jam session. Here my husband is jamming away on his drum set. It is kind of like an impromptu jam session where any one can come up and play or sing something.

We even have celebrities sometimes. No....not Jeff....although he thinks he is a celebrity. Here Toby Meyer is singing and jamming away. He played in John Mellencamp's band for years and loved playing at our little jam session in a barn. Who would have ever thought???? Sometimes humble is good....and that is what we have.

Okay.....some people think they are too cool for school. Sorry Russ & Whitney.....but you need a few more 7UP's or something. We all know you were having fun......but really? Kids even get up and take a whirl. The young man in blue is Whitney's son Jon, he is a senior this year and was actually very musical.

No.....we all wished this was karaoke....but this was the real deal. I don't remember what he was singing but Whitney did give up the mike for awhile. What we were all happy about is that Jeff just stuck to the drums. (Love you honey!!)

Sometimes there is even a reason for the jam session. Our reason this evening was for Monica's 40th birthday. By the looks of her margarita....I think she is just having a great time. She was radiantly gorgeous. When we roll out the astro turf around know fun will be had by all! That's what Jeff does.....he rolls out giant strips of the stuff that he got when IU refurbished the's what you call dumpster diving at it's finest. The kids run around and play lacrosse or football and the grown ups chill and listen to the jams. Won't you come....pull up a try your hand at a song the next time we Barn Bash at the Ellington's? We'd sure love to have you! Blessings....for a fun and lively weekend.


Heather said...

I will be there...that looks like a blast! I however, will NOT do any singing!!!

Cherie Wilson said...

So fun Hope!! Glad you shared. Didn't know Jeff played Drums!!?? Did you know Monica and I lived next door to each other when we were little girls.........she being the littlest of all...yikes 40! I spy a peek of you behind her in the picture. Loved seeing you too:)

Whosyergurl said...

Looks like fun! Doug plays guitar and we both sing if you ever lack for talent. Doesn't look like it though, and I know in this community, everyone plays something!
xo, Cheryl